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Canadian tech ?

1. Montreal Stop
2. 72nd Annual Inter City Meet Moved


Montreal Stop

From: Christian Schwartzbach
Hello Roger,

I hope you can find space in SEN for this:

My old friend and fellow Wakefielder Jorgen Korsgaard recently started a thread on FaceBook about the Montreal Stop: Who invented it and when?

He got a good number of responses, most of them pointing at Mike Segrave, who at the time had his home in Montreal. Not surprising, but where is the documentation? This is Wakefield history and we must be careful about it.

Jorgen and I had a mail correspondence in parallel which was joined also by Karl Erik Widell, veteran Danish Wakefielder. We searched our memories and archives. Jorgen pointed at two drawings in Frank Zaic's wonderful MAYB 1959-61 showing Wakefields from Montreal: Mike Segrave's "Neptune" and Barry Haisman's "Cherokee". There are no specific details about the propeller hubs, but both of them seem to lack the traditional spring.

The clue, however, was "Neptune". A search in my digital archive led me to a drawing in an obscure Swedish free flight magazine called "Modellflygbladet" from early 1961. The drawing was edited with the text translated into Swedish. The draftsman was Barry Haisman and there were several details including a Montreal stop. Another search revealed Barry's own model "Cherokee" again with details of a Montreal stop. This issue was from late 1960.

Jorgen and I now conclude that the invention of the "Montreal Stop" truly belongs to the Montreal group, in particular to Barry Haisman and Mike Segrave, and the time was 1959 or 1960. This invention has been very important. All modern Wakefields has one.

The magazine that had the original drawings was called MFC Bulletin. Mike Segrave also had a magazine called "The Internationalist". If any reader of SEN are in possession of paper or digital copies of these magazines, I would like to hear about it. I would also appreciate info about the status of the Montreal club.  It is Wakefield history.

Best regards

Christian Schwartzbach

Editor’s Comment : Mike Segrave was a regular, sometimes controversial SEN contributor in the early 2000s. I think his last posting was at the end of 2006. I understand that Mike had lived France for a while them moved to the UK.


72nd Annual Inter City Meet Moved

From:William Shailor
With regrets, the 72nd Annual Inter City Meet is being moved to August 29-30 and will dovetail with the Brodersen FAI challenge that same weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t cause inconvenience, but the prospect of flyers staying at local hotels involved unacceptable issues.

Thanks for your understanding. Bill Shailor