SEN 1693

SEN 1693 - Table of Contents

  1. USA Finals Day 3
  2. NFFS Digest, in Color and a special offer



Finals Day 3

F1B to Flyoff

Mike Davis
George Batiuk
Walt Ghio
Marty Schroedter
Aram Schlosberg
Paul Crowley


F1C to Flyoff

Gil Morris
Ed Carroll
Kenny Happersett

Roger Simpson
Mike Roberts

6 rounds of light wind  to calm conditions 7th round very windy.

Flyoff postponed to the next morning.

No change in team status, except it looks as if George Batiuk is assured of a F1B place one way or another .


Hello Fellow Modeler,
            The National Free Flight Society’s Free Flight Digest is now available in a full-color, “e” (digital) downloadable format. The NFFS Digest is a great source for free flight news, information, plans and more. SAM, AMA, FAC, FAI, indoor, scale, sport, centerfold plans, and contest reports will now be available with a click of your mouse.

        We have done away with separate USA and International subscriber rates, and everyone is now entitled to a 1/2 price introductory offer of 29.00 USD for the first two years, and 58.00 USD for each 2 year renewal. We are able to do this by discontinuing the hardcopy mailing to Canada and across the pond, and offering digital only. We understand that the majority of you get  and read SEN by email already.
           We are aware that FAI coverage by the NFFS has not always been equal to other venues. So to help you with your decision, the first two editions of the  color eDigest are available for free. The May/June issue covers the Fabulous February at Lost Hills, with the Isaacson Winter Classic and the Kiwi World Cup of New Zealand. The July/August issue covers the Sacramento Norcal Champs this past May, and the Dual Clubs Annual at Lost Hills, CA. Both have full-size cat glider and stick and tissue scale centerfold plans.

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John Lorbiecki
National Free Flight Society President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell