SEN 1694

SEN 1694 - Table of Contnets

  1. USA Team
  2. Sierra Flash
  3. For sale
  4. B Question

USA Team Members for 2013 FAI Free Flight World Championships

F1A Team Members
1 – Mike McKeever
2 – Ken Bauer
3 – Andrew Barron
Alternate – Rene Limburger

F1B Team Members
1 – Alex Andriukov
2 – Walt Ghio
3 – George Batiuk
Alternate – Mike Davis

F1C Team Members
1 – Don Chesson
2 – Mike Roberts
3 – Ken Happersett
Alternate – Gil Morris

More details later

Sierra Cup Flash

A Stamov Spence Barron
B Ghio Jensen Crowley
C McBurnent Jack Poti

ditto on the details

Piserchio Winder For Sale

I have a new Bob Piserchio winder for sale.  It has a Hinson high torque, 160 in. oz., torque meter installed.  The winder does not have a turns counter on it.  The asking price is $275.  I am here in California and will be at the Sierra Cup through Sunday if you would like to look at it.

Jim Bradley

A tough question from a gas flyer...

Whilst converting a 40 gram F1B with a peg to hook length of about 21 
inches, should a new hole be drilled to strand an appropriately sized 30 gram 
motor?  The obvious answer is yes, but what should the distance from the 
front face of the motor tube be to the hole?
thanks in advance...
Rick Pangell
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The  Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado 

Roger Morrell