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  2. USA Team Proposal for 2015
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SEN 1708, 1708 and 1709, 1710 not

To my surprise no reader noticed that we messed up the numbering of recent SEN  by doing two 1798s. So to keep the numbering almost right we are skipping 1710 and this one is 1711.

Proposal for revision to the USA Team Selection Program for 2015

To the Participants and FFTSC,
For your  consideration . Please review the proposal below


Paul Crowley


Let me start by saying that the suggestions put forth below are not in any way meant to take away
from the accomplishments of the 2013 Team Members but rather are suggested ideas meant to further
improve the Team Selection process. We do have a very good 2013 Team!

These are thoughts about the current program and adjustments to the program that are meant to
improve the evaluation of performance and promote fairness in the process.

First, it has been shown that with the right contest management and jury plus reasonable weather and a
good site the current round format that was used at the Finals works. Also people seem to like the idea
of more FOs compared to the previous program where a FO was only required if there were more than
three maxed out at the end of two days of flying.

Second, concern has been voiced that with two thirds of the team determined by only seven rounds
plus FOs it could be a better judgment of performance for the team if everyone flew both contests. Note
that among the participants the flew both days 27 maxed out but only one maxed both days. This
would also take care of another concern about fairness. Many participants believe everyone should be
required to fly in both contests in order to make the team. This is not the case with the current program.
We have created two class's of team members, two that are judged on only one days performance and
one that is judged on two days performance. Having two criteria being used to determine the same team
doesn’t seem to make much sense nor is it being fair to everyone participating in the Finals. Under the
current program everyone is not required to take the same risks.

Based on the above statements this is a suggestion for adjustments to the current Team Selection
Format to determine team members.
A single site, two contest format will be used.

The Finals will be scheduled over four days etc. etc

The Team members for each class shall be determined as follows.
The three members and the alternate will be determined by the lowest total placement score
from the first and second day contests.

1st+ 3rd = 4
2nd+ 1st =3
It is suggested that ties would be broken using FO's .

It is believed that these suggestions address the participants concerns discussed above, evens the
playing field for everyone and at the same time provides the opportunity to further improve the overall
performance of the team.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Paul Crowley

Wawayanda Wanderings

Firstly I have to say that I was not looking forward going to Wawaynda this past weekend to fly with the grandsons because of potential problems caused by hurricane Sandy and the snow storm storm during the week. However everything cleared away and we had the nicest weather ever at that site. The only hurricane Sandy effects I saw that part of New York was the large number of out of state utility workers who were staying at our hotel.

An interesting observation of how we all can learn from each other. A little while back the FAC had a major meet at Barron Field. Andrew was there a host and helping some of the people chase using his golf cart. He admired the props on some of Don Deloach's airplanes. Don explained they were made from paulownia wood. Andrew was not familiar with this Asian wood. It is a light weight wood, heavier and stronger than balsa but lighter than most others. It carves well and has a good grain structure. Andrew was intrigued by this so bought some to test using on the structure of an LDA-like wing he is building. He is testing the possibilities for shear webbing and wing rib construction. He had some of the work he had been doing with him at the contest and it looks most promising. A source in the USA is . You do need to saw it yourself if you are looking at rib or web usage.

F1E World Champs in Slovakia Update

The next World Championships for the Class F1E for Seniors and Juniors will be held August 26-30, 2013 in Martin, Slovakia.

The web site  has the first Bulletin with all the details.

Thermals,  Peter Brocks

Roger Morrell