SEN 1709 - should be SEN 1710

SEN 1709 - Table of Contents

  1. Patterson
  2. Missing UK Motor Man
  3. Finals encore and ..

Patterson This Weekend

In the recent elections, exit polls said 3% of the voter's decided in the polling booth. If you're still undecided, pack the models and head up to Lost Hills for the Patterson contest this weekend. Wunderground shows Sat as 10% chance of rain, 6 mph  winds but you never know at the field--often its very flyable. Sunday predict is for great weather, 0% chance of rain, 2-4 mph and temp 40-60 F.


Thermals, Jim Parker

missing UK motor man

Hi Roger.

The Finale to the UK Team Trials is to fill in the missing F1C name. I wasn't at the Edge of Beyond, nor Beyond the Edge, but reliable sources are informing that the third team slot in F1C is taken by a certain Mr. Ken Faux.

Kind regards,

Gary M.

Finals venue, etc Muncie?

NO. I agree with the astute Mr Shailor's assessment.

Boulder City/El Dorado (dry) Lake? 
YES. It seems to me a workable future alternative to Lost Hills, as Michael stated.

Also: re the "UK Trials part2, revised" verbiage:
Cutting thru to the bottom line, who are the F1A team folks?
Did the "flight timing issue" resolution "revise" the team, or not?

Curious minds, & all that...


Leeper, those results were correct with the exception of the missing motor man as noted above.

Roger Morrell