SEN 1712

SEN 1712 - Table of Contents

  1. Patterson
  2. Greener Grass
  3.  Big Al's F1E Report
  Patterson Report
The weather turned cold on Friday but wind remained low over the weekend.
Lows in the mid 30's and the highs in the upper 50's.
The highest wind both days was 10 - 11 mph with lower winds for the 9&11 minute flyoffs.

1st Glen Schneider

1st Sevak Malkhasyan

1st Jim Parker
2nd Mike McKeever
3rd. Lee Hines

1st. Blake Jenson
2nd Charlie Jones
3rd. Tom Ioeger
4th. Geralyn Jones

1st. Rene Limberger
2nd. Shlomi  Rosenweig
3rd. Jim Parker
4th  Mike McKeever
5th. Victor Stamov
6th. Lee Hines
7th Peter Allnut
8th Don Zink

1st. Amy Schroedter
2nd. George Batiuk
3rd  Blake Jenson
4th  Alex Andriukov
5th. Michael Achterberg.
 Total 10 entries

1st. Lynn Pulley
2nd. Jeff Ellington
3rd  Randy Secor

Brian Van Nest

Re: SEN 1711 or grass on the other side is always greener

 It may be of interest to USA team finals participants that the Canadian
team finals (at CFB Borden, Ontario) was run to a format that was very much
like what Paul Crowley has proposed. 2 separate contests for each
event. Each participant was required to fly both contests and the final
results was calculated based on the lowest total score from placings in
each contest. We required a flyoff in each event to determine the winner of
the first contest, but no flyoffs were required to determine the winner of
the second contest (not required to determine team due to the math).
This format worked well and did make sure that every contestant flew both

However, after observing the US team selection finals this year I was
thinking that your method may be better! It is true that the winner of the
first contest only has to fly the first contest. As for whether this is
fair to the contestants that must fly both events I could argue that with
the winner from day one out of the way the remaining contestants do have a
better chance to make the team (assuming that the winner of day one flies
well in day two). I think that both formats have their pluses and minuses.
I wouldn't be too quick to rule out going to the same format next time...


Big Al's F1E
Walt Ghio 


Last Friday the F1E event was held for the Big Al’s Memorial Day contest. We had a very bad day in May with high winds. This past Friday we had a sunny day with a light breeze and short time period with some light rain. Only Richard Wood and myself made the trip to our Lost Hills F1E hill. After a hard day of flying Richard came out ahead of me with a score of 483.6 to my 361.1.

The point of interest for the day was watching earth being moved from the East end of the hill to make levees for a water storage pond for the new orchard that is being developed South and West of our flying field. This is a test pond and if it works out they will make it bigger.

Roger Morrell