SEN 1713

SEN 1713 - Table of Contents

  1. Final - Barron
  2. Finals - Simon

Final's format proposal from Barron

FAI Free Flight participants and committee,

As I see it, for the US team selection, the biggest challenge going forward for the years to come concern how to have the level of participation needed to be fielding the strongest teams.  The present approach has made it difficult for a number of top-level younger competitors to participate, because of constraints of employment or schooling.  This means those who are able to spend a mid-week in October in southern california are not necessarily beating the best field possible.  E.g., I made the current team, but would I have if the timing were such that Timothy B, Peter B, Miles J, Oliver C, Dallas P, Kyle J, or Gene U could participate.  For instance, I finished behind the winners Timothy and Kyle in the last three national championships.

There is much positive about the existing two contest format.  I would like to strongly suggest consideration of a variation on it that I believe would go a long way to rectifying the indicated difficiency.

Specifically, we should use the existing two contest format, but have one of the meets be in the summer, at a location unlike Lost Hills for which summer heat is debilitating (e.g. at Muncie, Denver, or Tangent, each of which has seen some strong participation levels).  It could be the Nats or just before or after the Nats, but it would need to be at a time not in conflict with the Junior World Champs.  The other meet can be in Lost Hills or Los Vegas in October (or whatever is the generally favored site). As there would be only one competition day per event, the meets can be more compacted and more overlap with weekends, thus reducing effect on missed days of work or school. As in the current format, the winner of each meet would be on the team, plus the composite rank winner.

I believe this format would see desirable increased participation by quality fliers, to address the problem identified above.  It would also have the non-negligible benefit of helping have the total number of entered fliers more readily above the 20 participant threshold associated with the rule for support levels from the AMA.

There might be some southern californians who would never leave their beloved locale (I think that may be more myth than reality), but, if there are any, at least this way they can compete in at least one of the two meets, and a number of additional others can compete as well.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Thermals for more!
Andrew Barron

Finals/Team selection
Greg Simon 
2012 Finals: First I would like to thank all the organizers, officials, timers etc.  You all did an outstanding job, thank you very much.  Next, I want to congratulate all the 2012 FAI team members. I wish you all the best in France.

 Thanks to all my competitors for providing the level of competition that I enjoy at the finals. Great flying in conditions that tested your whole thermal dynamic game! 

Future Team Selection: After reading Paul Crowley's proposal in the previous Sen news,
I like the format that requires all flyers to
fly both days, this should provide a team with more consistency versus a one and done format.
Regardless of program direction, I will continue to fly the program provided, but am open and look forward to innovative suggestions.

Lastly, if the Finals is moving to a new location for the 2014 program, I like Mike A's suggestion of trying the Boulder City site.  The main logistic challenge sounds like bike rental availability.

Wish all the Best for the Holidays,
Greg Simon

Roger Morrell