SEN 1718

SEN 1718 Table of Contents

  1.  Ike Winter Classic Plus Kiwi World Cup
  2. SEN
  3. Pan Am


The Isaacson Winter Classic
February 9-11, 2013 Lost Hills, CA

Click or copy, for a full schedule of events and contact information.

The Isaacson Winter Classic is one of the premier FreeFlight contests in the United States. Last year we had well over 300 entries! In addition to a full slate of FAI FF (including F1E), there will a variety of AMA and NFFS events.

We will again host the “Kiwi” New Zealand World Cup FAI contest. We will continue the “Frank Zaic” Awards for limited function FAI models (see flier).

NEW! This year, we are adding AMA Gas, the new Small Mulvihill rubber and 2 days of both CLG and HLG. Dawn Mulvihill and the FAI Style CLG will not be offered.

Stay for the whole week. The “Ike” is the first of three contests beginning Feb. 9 and ending Feb. 17th.

Pre-registration for the Ike is not necessary, sign-ups will be on the field, Friday afternoon.

AMA (MAAC) and Lost Hills membership is required of all contestants. It will make registration much easier if this is done prior to the February (like now!). This is an annual fee and is good for all USA events.
AMA Membership -
Lost Hills Membership -

Norm Furutani and Roger Morrell, CD’s

List of events:
F1A, B, C, P, Q & E
F1G, H, & J

HLG - 2 days
CLG - 2 days
Classic Glider
Leeper’s 12” CLG

Nos Wakefield
Gollywock One Design
Small Mulvihill

Vintage FAI Gas
Nostalgia Gas- all classes separate
AMA Gas - 1/2A, A-B, C- Super D, combos

Compressed Air



SEN is sent to some people, in fact most of you by e-mail.  From time to time various email providers consider us to be Spam and stop the transmittal of SEN.  In most circumstances out service provider interceeded and convinces the email provider that we are really good guys.  However they have not been sucessful in convincing Verizon of that, so SEN cannot be e-mailled to anyone with a Verizon email account.  If you have a account and want to get SEN by mail you need to get another such as Gmail or yahoo both of whom still think we are good guys.  Our service provider recently asked us to go through our list of bounced emails and stop trying to send SEN to those people. That is because apparantly one or more of them complained to their service provider , possible Verizon, not sure what they complained about ... But if you used to get SEN by mail and now don't andd have some question anout it please e-mail us at sen@faifreeflight .org.


Pan Am

Note we believe the Pam AM conteste will be held on the Tuesday after the Ike and will be a World Cup event.  Just waiting to get the flyer from the permafrost up there eh ?



Roger Morrell