SEN 1725

SEN 1725 - Table of Contents

  1. WCup Corrections
  2. SCAT and Hartill History
  3. Dist X TSC Candidate - Part2 McKeever

WCup 2013 Flash list corrections

_*WCup Flash
Feb 9-11 Lost Hills USA Kiwi Cup of NZ ABCPQ
Feb 12 Lost Hills USA North American Cup ABC
Feb 14-18 Lost Hills USA Maxmen International ABCPQ
Mar 7 Säkylän SWE Swedish Moose Cup ABCPQ
Mar 16-17 Gjovik NOR Holiday on Ice ABCQ
Two corrections:

Swedish Moose Cup will be flown on the Lake Pyhäjärvi, Säkylä, Finland, the same site as the Bear Cup. Also, there were some problems with the delivery of letters, but these are now sorted, and the Bear Cup is on the WCup calendar also in 2013, it will be flown on Saturday Mar 9, with classes ABCQ.


Lucky' Hartill stories in Am Modeler, June 63

Check this out. SCAT History.  I had never heard any of these stories of our Bill. 

Ciao, Leeper

District X TSC Candidate - Part 2

Mike McKeever

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to those that may not know me. I have been flying model airplanes since I was a young boy. Dad and I used to go out to the then abundant fields in Kansas and fly ½ A Ramrods and A-1s of the time. Since 1970 I have been flying F1A gliders. I have flown most free flight events and at times held national records in Hand Launch Glider and B Gas. Within the last 10 years I have won F1A and F1H in the America's Cup and was fortunate in 2005 to win F1A at the World Champs in Argentina. My experience has allowed me to observe how other countries in the World as well as in the US select their international teams.

Having lived on the East Coast and flown at fields like Galeville, New York and at Naval Air Stations in Pennsylvania, I understand what flyers in other areas of the country deal with when they fly FAI events with limited infrastructure. In addition, I was the Contest Director for the 2007 Team Selection Contest that competed in Ukraine and have first hand knowledge of the complexities of running a "Finals". I also am Director for one of the two (now three with the addition of Denver) World Cup events in the United States, The Sierra Cup. My contest administration has allowed me a clear understanding of the standards involved in organizing and administrating contests at this level.

There are some significant challenges ahead for our Junior and Senior FAI programs. The Committee needs to be proactive in bringing participants to our sport. This involves creating an environment where our Junior competitors can easily compete in the Team Selection process. We also need to increase participation among those that might be losing interest in competing for the team for a variety of reasons. We need to foster programs like those in place in our district run by Rocco Ferrario and see if we can assist his students in making the jump to FAI. Another challenge will involve improving our Team Program processes to foster participation while ultimately picking a competitive team. I appreciate those efforts made most recently in adopting a new selection process. I am extremely appreciative of Aimee Schroedter's efforts with the with the Finals this year. I would consider adopting a program where FAI participants vote on a Finals Director who would then run the Finals and be rewarded for their efforts by being appointed team manager for that team. Aimee did not get that opportunity this year but process could be adopted in the future.

In summary, I believe I have the experience, the accessibility, the resources and the national and international relationships to be an effective member of our Team Selection Committee. I have worked with the Team Selection Committee in the past and would consider it a privilege to join that team with your support. Thanks you for your consideration.

Mike McKeever

Roger Morrell