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  1. Don Leath's Stuff and Stuff for Don
  2. Eastern US Free Flight Champs
  3. Biggles League Results
  4. F1C Motors for sale

Don Leath's stuff and stuff for Don

I received the following email from Matt Gewain.   [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Don Leath is now in a long term care facility.   His wife has asked me to help her raise some funds to help with the cost of Don's care, I will be selling Don's F1A models.  I have at least 6 modern F1A models that Don has purchased recently.  Most of them were never flown.  I also have a bunch of tow reels, tow hooks, extra timers and many other valuable modeling items that Don treasured.  I will be selling them as a silent auction on Saturday Nov 12th at the Patterson contest.  If you are unable to attend this contest and would like to bid on some of Don's models, you can Email me before Nov 10th and I will enter your bid for these items.  At the contest I will close the bidding at 5 PM on Nov 12th and distribute the models to the winning bidders the next morning.

To further help Don you may donate a modelling item that will be sold in the auction.

Draft Don Leath’s SALE List

1. F1A #12 83.5” wingspan, new fuselage, very little flying on wing and stab, electronic timer, wing wiggler (silent auction)


2. F1A #17 91.75” wingspan, new fuselage, stab arm missing, wing has ’96 finals sticker, electronic timer, excellent condition (silent auction)


3. F1A #18 86” wingspan, Black Magic timer, wing wiggler, broken boom, slight damage to left tip (silent auction)


4. F1A #19 85” wingspan, never flown, no stab, Black Magic timer, wing wiggler, Bower tracking transmitter (silent auction)


5. Quantity of 4 older stabs, covered


6. New 83” span, white wing, light weight, never flown, small wing wire, 127 grams (silent auction)


7. #16 – 85” span wings, ’96 finals sticker, 187 grams, 2 wire joiners needed (silent auction)


8. A-1 glider with mechanical timer


9. Quantity 4 newer fuselages with mechanical timers, 2 have wing wigglers


10. Quantity 6 older fuselages with timers or tow hooks


11. New Jim Bradley tow hooks and timers.


12. New O’Haus triple beam balance scale still in box. (silent auction)


13. Old triple beam balance scale


14. Quantity of 3 Bob Wilder tow reels


15. One new Jim Bradley tow reel


16. Airtek tracking receiver


17. New tripod for binoculars (silent auction)


18. New F1A tail booms


19. Contest Balsa – Lots of it!!!


20. Covering Tissue – bucket full including some Japanese tissue


21. New metal model box 47.75” long x 12” wide x 14” high - outside dimensions (silent auction)

Good secondhand models like this are often a good  way to get started or have a back up model. On the other modelling items I think I have a few .40 sized engines that date back to evil days when I flew F3D and it various cousins so will look at a semi random selection from that box, probably better/more useful than the 5 pounds of the original Tan rubber I have in the archives.

NOVEMBER 12-13 2011
A Cat III America’s Cup event (AAA Contest)
Higgs Brothers Farm, Ingleside, Md.

EVENTS: The following events may be flown on either day or both. If you don’t like your results
for Saturday, try again on Sunday. High score counts!
Cat glider
HL glider
Dakota: Target Time 40 Seconds – Total error of three flights
1/2A AMA,1/2A classic & 1/2A NosGas combined (different engine runs)
ABC AMA, classic &, Nos combined (different engine runs)
SAM OT small rubber combined
SAM OT large rubber combined
NFFS One Design

SATURDAY ONLY EVENTS: FAI events 5 rounds starting at 10:00 AM and each hour after, 1 ½
hour overlapping rounds
F1Q; 7 rounds starting at 10:00 AM
FAC WW1 mass launch
Combined Racer mass launch

SUNDAY ONLY EVENTS: FAI events 7 rounds starting at 8:00 AM and each hour after, 1 ½ hour
overlapping rounds
F1C & F1P combined
FAC WW2 mass launch
Low Wing Military trainer mass launch

FAC events: - May be flown on either day:
Dime scale
No Cal
Golden Age, Military & Civilian combined
Embryo must ROG
2 bit Old Timer must ROG
Jimmy Allen, must ROG
Half Wakefield must ROG

Contest Directors Dave Lacey 703-370-5708
Jim Coffin 703-256-3865
Stew Meyers301-365-1749

call one of these for a map

Open events: $25 dollars maximum to fly all events. Jrs. And Srs. Fly for free.

 Biggles League results 2011


Biggles League (UK) results 2011.

1st - J. Cooper, 2nd - G. Madelin, 3rd - C. Edge
1st - M. Lester, 2nd - P. Watson, 3rd - S. Dixon

For the first time, two juniors gained points in the glider competition.

...Roger Heap

F1 C stuff FOR SALE ..................

 I am starting to down size my F1C equipment

Two (2) FORA F1C Direct Drive Engines.  Engines are like new, have been run only enough to optimize the engine set-up!! 

These Engine have the prop brake housing as part of the case.  Each engine comes with Pan, the Cowling, and a folding prop.  The pan has the fuel bladder system in place, the cowling holddown is in place, brake/flood-off/venturi flap lines are in place.  The entire engine unit is a turn-key unit that slides into a F1C front end to replace a geared engine unit.  $425 each.  Plus S & H

Twelve (12) Direct Drive folding Props.  $30 each, plus S & H

If the two Fora engines sell I will sell all twelve of the props for $300, plus S & H

Contact Roger Simpson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     TEL:   1 (817) 599-3088

Roger Morrell