SEN 1593

  Table of Contents - SEN 1593

  1. Americas Cup for 2012
  2. Clarification on F1C parts
  3. Tropik F1A
  4. Hang em High hung up
  5. Don Leath Silent Auction Pics
  6. Fab Feb Flash

Americas Cup for 2012

In SEN 1588, SCAT offered up 5-6 more AmCup sanctions.  We've gotten two inquiries which made me realized I should have provided  the minimum requirements for AmCup contests.

AmCup sanction contests are to have all events, F1A, B, C, G, H, J, P and Q.  Trophies / Awards are the organizer's digression
F1E is handled separately.
F1A, B, C and P minimum of 7 rounds
F1G, H, J and Q  minimum of 5 rounds
F1A, B, C, G, H, J, P and Q events are to have  discreet rounds and must be flown from a launch line.
F1E is flown as provisional events a
$30 US America’s Cup Contest Sanction Fee
Send full contest results. Indication of all FAI Junior scores and any non-AmCup entries in each event to Jim Parker and SEN

Full AmCup rules can be found  on the NFFS website, <>

Please send an email  requesting an AmCup sanction with the info (rough FAI entry numbers and the approximate date of the contest). Deadline Dec. 2011.

Jim Parker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


I received the following inquiry from another F1C flier.

"Just a curiosity question for you.  You mention "The entire engine unit is a turn-key unit that slides into a F1C front end to replace a geared engine unit."  Why would it be advantageous to replace a geared setup with a direct drive?"

My answer to him was as follows.

"These units are meant for folder models.  Interesting, they are very close to being as effective as a gear engine on a folder........... and have the advantage of not having the gear prop fold problem."  For example the Russian flier that has won the F1C World Championship, as well as medaling at least two other times.

Obviously in my advertisement I should have provided more detail!  The units I am selling were produced by Artem Babenko to use with his folder models.  The direct drive engine unit fits exactly into the front end of one of Artem's graphite ends.  The pan will also fit into a Verbitsky front end but most likely the cowling would not fit as well.

Roger Simpson     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tropik F1A

Lars Larsson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One kit left of TROPIK F1A in woood and carbon. Why not build your own F1A glider with a reasonable cost and the satifaction of D.I.Y. Kit does not include timer and towhook. Total cost 130 $ or 100 Euro including shipping cost. The kit has been sold all over the world (25kits). This is the last one.

Hang em High hung up ?

Roger, please post.Thanks

Anyone have an idea about how long the Hang-em High Kite Store(the source for 1/2oz. Icarex) will be closed? I've been trying for two weeks and no answer.
Thanks for any help.
Paul Crowley

 Don Leath Silent Auction Pics

I have put a few pictures of some of the items I have to auction from Don's model stuff on the following web page.  I hope this answers some of your questions.
Matt Gewain

- this Saturday at Lost Hills

Fab Feb Flash

We have already had questions about the February dates for Lost Hills. Sounds like we are going to experience a Viking invasion.  While not processed by the FAI yet the intent is all 3 events will have World Cup Status.

Sat Feb 11
  Ike - Kiwi WCup F1ABCP
Sun Feb 12  Ike-Kiwi WCUp F1Q and Minis
Mon Feb 13 Ike Kiwi WCup F1E
Tu Feb 14  -Pan Am Canada WCup.
Weds Feb 15 Pan Am reserve
Thurs Feb 16
  CalCup F1E. MaxMen registration
Fri Feb 17  MaxMen F1A
Sat Feb 18   MaxMen F1BCP- AmCup Banquet
Sun Feb 19
MaxMen  Minis
Mon Feb 20  MaxMen reserve

Roger Morrell