SEN 1591

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  1. Gunder Stuff for sale
  2. Lorbiecki for president
  3. Gimme

Gunder Stuff For Sale

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has offered support in the last few weeks.  It truly does mean a lot.  I successfully completed the cross country journey in the Pitts last week.  A little bit cold at times, it was an amazing trip with some awesome scenery! 

   Since being home, I have had a little bit of time to inventory the model stuff that we have.  To try to make it a little bit easier, I have compiled an online photo album with the items that re for sale.  There is a quick description under each item, but please feel free to contact me with additional questions.  It is almost all F1C/F1J related, but there are some model boxes and glider tow reels mixed in as well.

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 Lorbiecki For President
Hello to my fellow FAI fliers!

The last installment of SEN had Jerry Murphy's presidential statement. Jerry is
a great guy, having experience as a CD in both regional and national
competition. He and I both have many things in common as far as our goals for
NFS and FF in general. We both look at the BOM rule as something that needs to
be addressed. We also want to determine a direction for NFFS in the future. The
ability to be proactive instead of retroactive is something that began with
Hardy Brodersen, Tony Italiano, Bob Stalick, and others. It made NFFS as the
first and probably the most respected special Interest Group (SIG) in AMA. I
would work hard to continue the tradition.

As a fellow FAI flier, I have met many of you. Of course, it is my kid that has
made the Lorbiecki name somewhat recognizible. It isn't often that the parent is
riding on the child's coat tails! But, the kid is good so why not. It has been a
long time (if not the first time) that a NFFS president hopeful is running with
a strong FAI background. While the FAI group is very self sufficient, I would
work with the group and AMA to provide all we can to continue the activities we
know and love. Having attended and competed (OK, the kid competed) in three WC's
I know what is involved and would work towards continuing these activities.

Plus, I want to make NFFS something that all my fellow FAI fliers will be
members of. I know that many FAI fliers are not members and need all of us to
join up and support not only FAI events but FF in general.

And, as a personal note, my background is in medical electronics as a R&D
engineer for GE Medical. I primarily design systems for MR products. In this
world, I consistantly work with very intelligent people and have learned to rely
on their knowledge to help me accomplish what I need. With NFFS, I would do the
same. We have a very diversified and intelligent group of individuals and I
would plan on these folks making me look good. From running the NATS to editing
the Sympo, we need and have to have these people to make us continue the

So, if you ever want me to time you, you should :

1.) Vote for me
2.) If not a member of NFFS, join and then vote

Good luck to Jerry but I want you to look at both of us and determine who you
feel will do the best for FAI and NFFS. Thanks for your time and see ya down
wind- I will probably be there chasing my kid's next max....

John Lorbiecki


In the last SEN I used the word gimme in my World Cup summary.  I got a couple of questions about the word from non-native English speakers.  So here is the definition from Merriam Webster Dictionary

: a short putt in golf conceded to an opponent in casual or match play
: something easily achieved or won especially in a contest
Origin of GIMME
from gimme, contraction of give me
First Known Use: 1929

No Gimme means a very tough competition  so in Mikhail's case he was hotly pursued by Roland, Yuri, Nikolay and Per plus another 350 F1A guy. This included the very experienced sportsmen like Sergei Makarov and Victor Stamov and the techno geeks like Allard van Wallene and Rene Limberger, etc. Actually what I liked seeing was that the top ten included juniors  Nikolay Lomov and Daniel Rossler


Roger Morrell