SEN 1506

Table of Contents - SEN 1506

  1. In the Press
  2. Merry MaxMen
  3. Innovation or deja Vu
  4. Fora Js in towm
  5. F1A for retirees
  6. More clean out the shop Limberger items - for sale

In the press

Just got my copy of FFN - Great write up on the Fab Feb events - Flat Land by EoB and Hill Top by editor Kaynes.

All the excitement of fab Feb etc caused Ian to miss that they had reached edition - an almost every month since 1969, great achievement for Ian and his team.

Included in this issue was the fact that Serbia has paid their FAI dues so the F1E World Champs will take place at Zlatibor in that country 29 Aug to 3 Sept.
as well as WC events for that country.

FFN contains UK domestic information as well as FAI from around the world and this issue contained the latest issue of the BFMA FF safety code. I note that while cautioned on the danger of flying under the influence of alcohol, it did not mention the haggis hazard or caution against to use of halucinogenic mushrooms.

Merry's MaxMen

More photos of the Maxmen contest

Innovations or just another Déjà Vu

Mid seventies: introduction of circle towing

End seventies – beginning eighties: - introduction of zoom launching

Eighties and early nineties structural changes:  higher zoom launches

Mid-end nineties: introduction of bunt launching

Start-mid 2010:  introduction of electronics

The current discussion is a true Déjà Vu or is it just me ………………………..

Arno Hacken

Editor's note - Arno - it's not an or it's an and - you have given a list on various F1A innovations, probably not quite right on the timing or the electronics :-). But it shows that the F1 events are continual process of change and  innovation. That's what they are all about and during that time people stop flying for various reasons and new people start. Sometimes they stop because they don't like the change, they cant affort it, they find a new interest or are not longer able to compete for health, family or business reasons.  It's life.


Fora J s in town


Just got a shipment of  brand new Fora F1J glow engines and some fiberglass

molded propellers,

best regards,


RE: F1A for Retirees...etc...
Regarding towline glider in general (this may be a bit outside of the realm of the SEN board here), I too have had the frustrations of flying tow line.  I personally like towline and back in the early/mid 50's that is where my meager pennies would take me.  The old A2 designs were about building and flying, not buying.
Sooooo....a few years back I proposed that there be a rekindling of the AMA A1 and A2 events, not by saying "See FAI rules," but actually creating a towlined, non-auto surface event called A1 and A2.  Using the FAI parameters of size, etc. to be consistent, and an entry level towline glider event.  I was thinking of an event that could be enjoyed at an AMA contest without all of the hassle.
I was REALLY met with criticism. comes this NFFS towline event out of the clear blue which made absolutely no sense at all because of its no weight, huge size and long maxes....totally outflying most fields now.  There was an opportunity to create a decent towline event and it overstepped the practical.
True, guys flew their old A2's rather than build a monster glider.  Don DeLoach borrowed my Talon plans and blew them up to create his Super Talon design (beautiful model), but I haven't seen more than one or two on the field...but plenty of old A2's.  NFFS glider is more in line with SAM glider than AMA or NFFS usual flying practices.  Personally, I probably won't get serious about F1A or F1H, but I do still fly an A1 and occasionally an A2 in an appropriate event just to fly.
My rules proposal allowed circle tow, but had a "time on the line" requirement.  Same 3 minute max but to the usual AMA 6 attempts to 3 officials of over 40 seconds...and then on and on 'til you dropped.
We need something like that instead of the NFFS Glider.  A 2 min, 3 min, 4 min max...egads!  And, a concept of a "Nostalgia TLG" turns me off too.  I can see a bunch of people coming up with rules that allow this design "created on a certain moonlit night" and such.  KISS..."Keep It Simple Stupid!"
After the scathing I took back then, I get a little gun shy trying to bring it up again.  But maybe there needs to be a grass roots movement?...and a push to revise the NFFS glider rules?  A1 and A2 were a flyable event for a lot of folks.  Now, Towline is seemingly for the big guns.  Perhaps if there were a starting point again it would draw some new blood into the fray too.
Rick Pangell
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

Editor's Suggestion - Rick why create another event why not offer another award in the current event. Exclude experts either by technology - say only a one servo or mechanical timer or better by America's or World Cup score. This way you include the guys starting and the guys who want to slow down, have them all fly together, they can use a re-cycled airplane or build a simpler bigger model. Those starting benefit from flying with the exports but don't get discouraged because there is an attainable target?

More Limberger clean out the shop items

For sale:

1 brand new Vasily Alu-CF-Alu Tailboom $20

1 brand new Stamov Alu-CF-Alu Tailboom $20

1 brand new "empty" Stamov fuselage complete, tailboom, rudder,

stabilizer, bunt-mech, fully assembled, stab & boom is for "Stamov

short" model, fuselage is completely original Stamov $300

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Roger Morrell