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  1. 2011 USA Shirts
  2. Reply to Baron McBigot
  3. Answer to Hitech
  4. and i threw my toys out of the pram
  5. Arno's Vu
  6. Plan for Poitou

2011 USA Team Shirts

Please help support the 2011 US Free Flight Team by purchasing a supporter T-shirt. We have resurrected the graphics from the very popular 2005 US supporter shirt with some small modifications and added the line, "In memory of Henry Spence F1C 1965, 1969, 1973, 2011". The graphics are 5-color front/3-color back on a white Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton shirt. They will sell for $18 for short sleeve, $23 for long sleeve, and $30 for sweatshirts. Please email me with the number, style, and size of shirts you would like.I can mail the shirts or bring them to the upcoming SCAT annual contest. I would also be willing to bring some to the World Championships in Argentina. We will also have a limited number of hats available for $20 each.

Thermals to all,

Blake Jensen

2011 US Free Flight Team Manager

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Reply to Baron McBigot


Liked your article on F1A. I've been having very similar thoughts but from the view of a non-retired geezer. I've always built my own model using parts from other where my skills aren't as good as others. I would love to build a flapper but not sure I could, and even if I did I would have few opportunities to fly them - all very disappointing when I get to places like Lost Hills when the best innovations can be tested and perfected and my 'classic' models are shown up to be the tat they are. But what's this ? A new concept with simple structure that even a Mac Bigot can build, hurrah !

I refer of course to LDS (low drag section) models that have shown, in the hands of Roland and Kimmo, that there is a alternative to the expensive flapper. Hey, even I've built one and whilst I accept it was seen to go horizontal more often than vertical, it will be trimmed, er, eventually. So the flapper is dead I tell you, DEAD. I predict that once the manufactures get tooled up (some already have) that there will be a step function in performance like circle hooks, composite wings, electronic timers and bunt launches have all brought, but at a (more) affordable level. As noted by others, it wont mean they will win all events as a 2 minute model in 4 minute air always beats a 4 minute model in 2 minute air.

I congratulate Brian Eggleston and others for not only doing the work on LDS but also making the data available in the public domain. The CFD analysis certainly isn't trvial so gone are the days of designing section based on a size 9 plimsoll and we'll have to accept that new developments will be in the hands of a few - as they are at the moment to be fair. To be honest I think the next few yeras will be really exciting and I feel better about what F1A has to offer. And maybe as Mac retires he will consider building LDS models for those poor unfortunates still at work ?

EoB - Haggis Catcher to the Stars

An Answer to Hi-Tech:
Fear not F1A Luddites.  The Brits have already got this figured out.  Firm believers of the David-and-Goliath-principle, the Brits are Masters of the antithesis to Professional Sports, to wit: Amateurism.  There are legendary stories of British Olympians standing in line to pay to get into the Public Baths, just so that they can train alongside hundreds of kids who are splashing around and jumping-in all around them.  The British Swimming Star doggedly swims their laps through this literal sea of adversity, spurred on by dreams of that show-down in the Final against a Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps.  It’s the same in all British Sports.  Another legend being the bicyclist who up-graded his push-bike, using wheel bearings from his old spin-dryer (This is all true, you can’t make up stuff this good) and then went on to set a world speed record in this sport, just before his bicycle clips exploded !  Truly, dubbed the Flying Scotsman (look it up, it’s probably on YouTube somewhere) !  Even Roger Bannister could have run the 4-minute mile months earlier, if only he could have afforded to buy himself a new pair of plimsolls, then he had to wait for the Cub Scouts Sports Day and Picnic to pack up at the local Recreation Field on the Botley Road, Oxford, before he could have a go, and then they forgot to wind-up the stop watch...
But I digress.  So what you may ask is the Nemesis of High-Tech ?  The answer is obvious to the Brits:  Low-Tech.  At the last CIAM Meeting the Brit’s proposed their “Restricted FAI Class”, cunningly wrought to meet such High-Tech solutions head-to head.  Unfortunately, the FAI Body was not prepared for such a radical inverse solution but in summary, to their credit, the FAI did pass the matter on to the F/F Tech Committee to investigate the possibilities and report back findings and make recommendations to future meetings.
So what is the UK’s proposed “Restricted Class” ?  Well firstly the proposed rules are rather confusingly named, sounding too draconian by far, especially because the concept is really to minimize the restrictions of the FAI rules (rather than to further restrict them).  A better name would be to call the UK concept the “Relaxed Class”, which more aptly captures the intended ambiance !  These rules aim to open up the FAI specification by allowing alternative, simpler aeromodel designs to compete side-by-side with the current state-of-the-art-all-singing-and-dancing-full-bells-and-whistles-whizz-bang-production-line-masterpieces.  Even better, rather than create yet another competitive class of models, the British proposal permits all such UK-Style models to fly in the same A, B, C events, at Domestic and International events — Brilliant !  (So, no added work for the Contest Director and more entries not less).  The only caveat being that, for the purposes of the prestigious World Champs, or the World Cup, that such models will not be counted in the results (that is for now, wink-wink, nod-nod !  The Trojans had a similar idea, but don’t tell anybody.).  After all, Amateurs are not motivated or interested in the corrupting influence of fleeting Podium Glory.
How will this work ?  The interested reader should skip back through past SEN’s, or maybe there is some reporting or updates of this UK Proposal on the FAI website (Ian ?).  Basically the F1A wing area rules remain the same, but the weight restriction is removed, provided the model doesn’t have any fancy gadgets or gizmos. Perhaps a longer towline could be permitted, 75m ?  Similarly for F1B and F1C classes, weight, rubber and engine run is relaxed.  Therefore, the same basic FAI Rules are still used, but with an allowance for increased performance by using simpler and lighter models for the newcomer, or Senior Sportsperson. 
Why bother ?  The UK concept is intended to help encourage these fringe elements to participate with cheaper and quicker-to-build alternative models, with boosted performance from this lightness and simplicity, and to enjoy FAI F/F alongside their heroes already enjoying the Sport.  After all, if our current, experienced, yet aging Senior FAI colleagues are griping about shelling out a few K’s on equipment, imagine the lack of appeal of our Sport to the raw tyro.  So stay tuned and tell your FAI Delegate how to vote at the next CIAM Meeting, to help increase the appeal and participation in our Sport, and to give our aging ranks something to do in their dotage.  And as a last resort, to those unable to keep pace with this evolution in Extreme Sport, remember the old cliché, “Those who can do, those who can’t join SAM” (that would make a rather nice Tee-Shirt !).
Overall the future of F1A looks brighter than ever.  For years critics have complained of the boring sameness of FAI models.  Today, never has there been such diversity of designs, with Bunters, Flappers and Low-Drag airfoil models all competing together, and taking turns winning contests.  The only missing type now is the Simple Model !  Let’s help change that.

And I threw my toys out of the pram

Just to amplify Rick’s point [about a simpler class F1A], I suggested exactly the same thing in 1992 (see NFFS Free Flight Digest  April 1992 ) and was savaged for it (Free Flight Digest July 1992).  My suggestion was simple:  F1A numbers with automation limited to a 2-position autorudder, DT timer and a locator transmitter or audio beeper for model recovery.  Twenty years ago my knees were OK for towing gliders, today not so good.  So now I launch my gliders with a Hi-Start, or electric motor and folding propellor, and retrieve them with a radio control system.   Opportunities lost forever…


Andy Tomasch

Northville Michigan

Arno's View

To understand better why I do have a déjà vu with the current discussion.


Each of the named chances in F1A (think the timing is quite right) caused a discussion

bout the introduction for a new “simpler” class because F1A was becoming too difficult!

Such a discussion never ever was started by the front-runners; people who always try harder to innovate …….



I stopped flying F1A cause of physical aspects (eyesight)



Mid seventies:                                                  introduction of circle towing                                     

End seventies –  beginning eighties          introduction of zoom launching

Eighties and early nineties                           structural changes – higher zoom launches

Mid-end nineties                                             introduction of bunt launching

Start-mid 2010                                                   introduction of electronics


The current discussion is a true Déjà Vu or is it just me ………………………..


Arno Hacken




is gladtoinvite you to


which will take place on

August 05- 06- 2011 on the plain of NOIZE (near THOUARS 79)


Wednesday August 03st: Arrival, registration at “Pas de Jeu”, training

Thursday August 04th : Compétition F1G F1H F1J F1K (Vol libre MONCONTOUROIS MARQUOIS Gérard 16 rue Maxime RIDOUARD 86330 MONCONTOUR Tél. : 05 49 22 68 91) registration : MAIRIE DE MONCONTOUR.

Friday August 05st: Competition F1B and F1C

Saturday August 06st : Competition F1A

Sunday August 07nd : 10.30 am : Results, award ceremony

13.00 : Banquet


1 class = 35 € 2 - 3 class = 50 € 1 - 2 class junior = 15 €

Entry forms and payments must be sent to :


BP 36 79101 THOUARS Cedex FRANCE

Web Site .

(Before 24-07-2011) Tél. : 05 49 68 01 55 Fax : 05 49 96 13 37 E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extra charge on entry fees :

50 % in the case of entry forms sent without payment

100% in the case of entry on the flying field (august 5st)

To get lunch on the field, please, write it down on the entry form and pay 9 €per lunch and per person. Thank you.


The 34st POITOU classes F1A , F1B and F1C is

organised according to the FAI Sporting Code edition 2011.

Groups will be formed in each class with different starting positions for each round.

Individual cups are awarded to the first competitors in every category.

In each class , a Challenge trophy is set in competition and this one will be definitively awarded to the competitor who wins it

three times .

Each competitor must hold an FAI Sporting licence valid for 2011.

It is possible to compete in each class, but on august 6st a competitor who has entered F1B and F1C will belong to 2 different groups.

Registration and Camping:

Registration and Camping will be at the Sport field in the village named “PAS DE JEU” (Between LOUDUN and THOUARS)

The Camping site in Pas de Jeu, beside the Sport field, is reserved only to Aeromodellers.

Price: 10 € for one person for all the stay

It will be open from august 1th to August 08rd 2011.



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° Licence 2010 = Nr Berechtigung (FAI Obligatoire): …………………………………

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Club: ………………………………………………………………………………………

CATEGORIE FIB Wakefields Vendredi 05 Août

CLASS FIC Motomodèles Vendredi 05 Août

KLASSE FIA Planeurs Samedi 06 Août

JUNIOR (- de 19 ans dans l'année)

1 catégorie (class) = 35 € 2 - 3 catégories (class) = 50 € 1 - 2 catégories (class) junior = 15€

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Can you help us to time } le 05 - août MERCI THANKS DANKE

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