SEN 1526

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World Champs Flash

At dawn it looked like the weather forecast for the F1B/C World cup would be wrong. We arrived on the field and followed the leader to the flight line chosen for the expected weather conditions. The first round got off in perfect conditions, there was only minimal drift. However it was not a gimmie and not everyone made the 4 mins. Next round was nice too, with stronger drift and some lift. At the start of round 3 things changed fast. If you got away on the buzzer the conditions were not too bad but the wind speed increased quickly and the direction took the models over a line of trees. It appears there was some form of shear layer just above the trees that knocked may F1Bs off their line and caused the climb to flatten. I was third in the rotation on our pole and the wind was hitting 7 m/s when I was ready to fly. I picked a calm spot and did just over 2:30 before the model went behind the trees. The GPS logged the retrieval at 1.6km.. By the time we were back at the line there was a 30 min hold followed by an end to flying for the day. There are 9 clean in F1B and 8 clean in F1C. There will be an announcement later today on the continuation of the event. See the world cup section of the official Web Site for the detailed placings so far.



Roger Morrell