SEN 1563

Table of Contents SEN 1563

  1. 37th California FAI Invitational
  2.  Outrageous October
  3. Change and Hope
  4. F1B Stuff for sale
  5. FF Fest Results

37th. California F.A.I. Invitational

October 8th. And 9th. 2011

FOR CLASSES: F1-A, F1-B, F1-C, F1-G, F1-H, F1-J and Nostalgia Wakefield

SATURDAY OCT. 8TH. F1-A, F1-B and F1-C

SUNDAY OCT. 9TH. F1-G, F1-H and F1-J

Nostalgia Wakefield can be flown both days, (But must finish the same day)

Flt. Duration as per NFFS Rules. 2 min, 3 min. 4 min. etc.

First Flight Duration: F1-A 210 Seconds F1-B 240 Seconds F1-C 240 Seconds

-7- One hour rounds starting at 08:00 hours

Fly-Offs will start at 4:30 PM “FIRM” as schedule
Saturday: F1-A = 4:30 to 4:40 ** F1-B = 4:45 to 4:55 ** F1-C = 5:00 to 5:10

5:15 to 5:25 “ 5:30 to 5:40 “ 5:45 to 5:55

F1-G, F1-H and F1-J Sunday October 9th. 2011

First flight ONLY, for all Mini events will TIMED TO THE GROUND

-5- flights of One hour starting at 8:00 hours

**There will be NO timers provided, please find someone to fly and time with you***

Perpetual Trophies to winners for all FAI events

Medals to 1st. place for all big FAI , Certificates for 2nd. and 3rd place

Certificates 1st through 3rd for all Mini events and Nostalgia Wakefield

Note: Per AMA directive, all competitors must have AMA Insurance

Entry Fee US $20:00 for F1-A, F1-B and F1-C

$10:00 for F1-G and F1-H and Nostalgia Wakefield

Contest Director: Juan A. Livotto, 13212 Lake St. LA, CA, 90066

Phone (310) 391-5986……..e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AMA Sanction # 11-1308

Year 2010 Winners

F1-A: McKeever, M. F1-B: Morrell, R. F1-C:Henning, N.

F1-G: Saks, D. F1-H: Smith, N. F1-J: Malkhayan, T. (Jr.)

Nostalgia Wakefield: Crowe, B.

Outrageous October Reminder

Looking at doing some serious flying this Fall in the Pacific South West, that means California and Nevada. 2 World Cup events and 4 Americas Cup. Most in one loooong week, Lost Hills prime flying time.

  • September 23-23 USFFC at Lost Hills – Just about everything FF, includes FAI, just get you warmed up.
  • October 2-7 SAM Champs at Boulder Dry Lake , NV [big deal for some, probably not the hard core FAI-ista, included if you are so inclined]
  • October 8-9 37th California Invitational 8-9 at Lost Hills – Americas Cup
  • October 10-12 Bissonette Memorial at Lost Hills, Danish World CupAmericas Cup
  • October 14-17 Sierra Cup at Lost Hills – USA World CupAmericas Cup
  • October 18-28 clean RV, detail car, wash clothes, make motors, pay bills, go to Vegas, hit the beach,...
  • October 29-30 SW FAI Challenge at Boulder Dry Lake, NV – Americas Cup

Made those reservations yet ?

Change and Hope

To all my NFFS friends.

As you may have seen in the latest issue of  the Digest, I am running for the

office of President. No, my mental state has not been compromised by Nelson's
and nitro.

I feel that the organization is a good one and that it is my time to invest in

its future. And for those of you that are not a member, maybe now, if I get
elected, you would have an FAI guy to help make it something in which you may
want to join. The more we have, the better to use strength in numbers to get our
points across.

My opponent (Jerry Murphy) is a great guy and has done much for the hobby.

However, I hope that I can do the job adequately and  make NFFS a group in which
all FF'ers will be proud to be a member of.

So, let's vote like they do in Chicago- Vote early and vote often!!

John Lorbiecki


Jan Somers (The Netherlands) has decided to quit F1B.

He will be flying F3K in the future.

Jan offers his COMPLETE F1B equipment for sale now, consisting of (a.o.):

- 4 F1B's with AA variable pitch props, Stefanchuk fuselages, wings (re-covered last year and in fact new) made by Burdov, Black Magic electronic timers with radio DT, fully trimmed and flying very well;

- Spare AA prop blades;

- Palm Pilot handhelds with cradles and cables (to program the timers);

- Multiplex LN-5014 charger for Lipo's, NIMH and NiCad;

- Radio DT transmitter (Ken Bauer);

- Piserchio hooks (Stefanchuk), etc;

- 2 Stefanchuk short half pipes for winding the rubber;

- Radio beacon 148.200 MHz (Ruyter);

- Model box for 5 models (Aeroplastic Case);

- Binoculars 10*42 in leather case

- Various spare parts for props, fuselages; Lipo's, Silicon Oil, Palm Pilots with cradles, etc, etc.

Jan is contemplating to come to Lost Hills next October to show and fly the models, provided one or more persons are seriously interested to buy (a) model(s).

If you are interested and/or would like to receive the detailed information with a description of every item and a list of quantities etc, please contact Jan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2011 FAI Free Flight Fest Results @ Muncie Aug 19-21

  1. Chuck Markos 1073
  2. John Lorbiecki 657

  1. Charlie Jones 1260
  2. Paul Crowley 1247
  3. Jerry McGlashan 1241
  4. Greg Simon 1232
  5. Martin Richardson 1210
  6. Bill Shailor 1186
  7. Ryan Jones 1066
  8. Mike Richardson 630

  1. Bucky Servaites 1524
  2. Gil Morris 1260

  1. Ryan Jones 711
  2. Charlie Jones 667
  3. Chuck Markos 622
  4. Greg Simon 602
  5. Mike Richardson 591
  6. Paul Crowley 499
  7. Martin Richardson 68

  1. John Lorbiecki 571
  2. Bob Watson 368

No one flew F1P, Q, or H Great Weather all weekend long! All proceeds donated to USA Jr World Championship Team Fund.

Roger Morrell