SEN 1264 - 17 Nov 2008

Table of Contents SEN 1264 - 16 November

  1. Patterson Flash
  2. Autumn Cup Results
  3. Simplify ?
  4. Rock Mountain Extreme Comment

Patterson Flash

Perfect weather, no fires wind 0 to 4 mph, tricky thermals

F1A - Jim Parker
F1B - Blake Jensen
F1C - Lyn Pulley

AMA Sanction Number 08-1229

F1A (5)

Steve Spence                           120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840

Mike Fedor                             120..120..119..120..120..120..120..839

Jesse Shepherd                         120..120..120..120..120..120..080..800

Jackie Sheffer                         112..120..120..120..120..068..120..780         

Dan Berry                              120..120..120..053..120..120..087..740



F1B (5)

Richard Wood                        120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840

Eddie Vanlandingham                 120..120..120..119..115..120..120..834

Pete Reinhart                       120..120..120..081..120..120..080..761

Gerald Brown                        081..120..120..120..066..000..000..505

Mark Troutman                       120..115..095..000..000..000..000..330                     


F1C (5)

Roger Simpson                       120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840..089..929     

Faust Parker                        120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840..OR

Henry Spence                        120..120..120..120..047..000..000..527

Mark Troutman                       076..042..034..009..000..000..000..161

Don Chesson                          120..000..000..000..000..000..000..120


F1P (5)

Bob Hanford                         120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840..177..1017
Mark Troutman                       120..120..120..120..104..107..120..811
Mike Fedor                          120..098..120..120..120..093..120..791
Gerald Brown                        120..101..067..000..000..000..000..288
Jackie Sheffer                       105..000..000..000..000..000..000..105
Open Gas (10)
Dan Berry                          120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840                                  
Jim Parker                         120..112..120..120..120..120..120..832
Bob Hanford                        120..108..120..120..099..120..120..807
Jackie Sheffer                     088..087..111..120..120..061..120..707
Sergie Lissotchenko                038..079..120..080..072..120..120..629          
Igor Terenchek                     120..096..010..000..000..000..000..226
Gerald Brown                       120..000..000..000..000..000..000..120
John Irwin                         059..058..000..000..000..000..000..115
Tom Bell                           056..033..000..000..000..000..000..089
Mark Troutman                      061..023..000..000..000..000..000..084
P30 (5)
Dan Berry                           120..107..120..347
Ed Williamson                       092..120..120..332
Gerald Brown                        047..120..120..287                              
Pete Reinhart                       079..120..060..259
Mark Troutman                       047..046..054..147                              
F1G (6)
Eddie Vanlandingham                120..120..120..120..120..600
Pete Reinhart                      102..120..089..120..063..494
Mark Troutman                      073..112..082..050..068..385
Richard Wood                       118..120..120..000..000..358
Gerald Brown                       120..044..000..000..000..164
Charlie Bruce                      000..094..000..000..000..094
F1H (5)
Mike Fedor                         064..120..120..120..120..544
Jackie Sheffer                     120..120..003..120..000..363
Dan Berry                          052..108..065..055..000..280
Gerald Brown                       084..120..049..000..000..253
Mark Troutman                      034..009..000..000..000..043
F1J (8)
Henry Spence                       120..120..120..109..120..589
Sergie Lissotchenko                092..083..068..120..120..483
Mike Fedor                         120..120..120..083..000..443
Jim Parker                         120..120..094..094..000..428
Igor Terenchek                     120..110..104..024..022..380
Dan Berry                          120..120..000..000..000..240
Bob Hanford                        120..095..000..000..000..215
Steve Spence                       120..000..000..000..000..120
F1Q (4)
Jackie Sheffer                      120..120..120..120..120..600
Julie Parker                        105..120..120..120..120..585
Dick Wood                           102..120..000..000..000..222
Mark Troutman                       030..000..005..000..000..035
NFFS One Design (3)
Mark Troutman                       120..120..120..360..055..415
Dan Berry                           120..120..120..360..053..413
Bob Hanford                         120..120..109..349


Dear Jim & Roger,
I read your the proposals regarding the selection trials and preparatory  contest with interest and sadness.
May I suggest that you read my paper "Promoting a Technical Sport" in the English Free Flight Forum of 2006,  pp.59-61?
As a result of the program described therein, three consequtive Olympic Gold Medals in the Finn Dinghy Class have been won by a Brit.  This would clearly fulfill the Mission Statement of the AmCup and SCAT.
Far more importantly though, we set out to concentrate on attracting "Mulligans" to the Finn Class.  We enabled them all to realise their potential by inspiring them to train physically, technically and mentally.  Then with their new found confidence they were prepared to come out to compete in contests, then spend some money to up grade their sails and boats.   Thus the number of participants increased.
I recognise Jim's excellent contribution to passing on F1A flying techniques in his excellent articles on the NFFS, as well as the Junior Training program and seminar.  This needs to be expanded, otherwise no "Mulligan" is ever going to want to visit the Lost "The Lions Den" Hills.  
One of the dangers of the FAI classes is that they have forged ahead technically, lost contact with the Mulligans and are now finding it difficult to reconnect.   Perhaps it is time that FAI free flight thought how it could make itself more competitive in the leisure market?
How many youngsters or middle aged returnees afford $ 1500 for glider during the credit crunch?  
You may also be interested to know that other countries are now seeking ways to increase the number of Free Flight Glider flyers.  May be a starting point would to ask what sort of product the potential "customer" wants to and/or can afford fly?
The simple questionaire appended has produced some interesting and surprising results in the last 10 days, it might be worth trying out an amended version North America. 
Kind regards
May I take a few minutes of your time, particularly if you are a FF glider flier. If not please delete.   Thanks for your understanding.
I have been asked by two contacts in Sweden how the 3.7.1 Towline Glider Class (BMFA Glider) class has faired since its introduction, since they are thinking of introducing something similar to cater for:  younger model fliers and also elder fliers who are not so athletic or trained in the art of circle and bunt flying in SWEDEN.
I would be very grateful if you would add a few brief comments to the following questions and return to me as soon as possible, please.    
Are you an active FF glider flyer?     YES      NO
Do you consider yourself to be a younger or elder flier described above in red?
                              & nbsp;                             YES       NO
Do you feel that the option of using either the 50 m towline plus bunt & circle tow or 75 m straight towline without bunt or circle tow in the BMFA Glider event has:
Enthused you to participate?                  MORE               LESS            SAME
Encouraged others to compete?            MORE               LESS            SAME
Think it is a good idea?                            YES                    NO                UNSURE
Which do you prefer to fly?
               the 50 m towline plus bunt & circle tow ....................
or 75 m straight towline without bunt or circle tow ..................
Have you altered your glider to take advantage of the new rule?
                                                                        YES               NO              
Would you prefer to fly simple low cost wood and carbon straight tow model?
                                                                    YES                NO                 UNSURE 
Would you prefer to fly a high spec. Russian type circle bunter model?
                                                                    YES                NO                 UNSURE
Would you prefer to fly a high spec Russian type model but with only a straight tow and no bunt facility?                                          YES                 NO                 UNSURE
Would you prefer to fly a sensible but identical (one design) British 80" wingspan design, incorporating quality flight adjustment fittings and materials, but price capped to an affordable amount and specification? 
                                                                    YES                NO                      UNSURE
What do you consider would be an affordable price to pay for essential hardware and carbon parts needed to complete a "one design" glider.
Would you prefer that everyone flew an Inchworm or similar classic one design?
                                                                       YES              NO                       UNSURE
                YES                 NO
Many thanks for your help in completing this questionaire.  I hope it will help the Swedes in their endeavours to encourage FF glider flying."  

Editorial Comments

For those who do not know or have not figured it yet Nick , besides being a Free Flighter has considerable experience in competitive sailing, where costs can run very high and there have been many successful one design classes. Nick is trying to draw parallels from that experience to improve ours.

In Nick's writing he uses a slightly jingoistic language to appeal to the UK market i.e. British = simple, cheap and good, Russian = complex, expensive and bad. For the idea to work I would suggest that that cost or some design parameters be established rather than national ones. There is clearly an appeal for Juniors to fly in World champs, although I've never figured why we get more US participation that Uk, when the Americans have to cross the Atlantic while the Brits on the Channel., I digress.

For example some East European entrepreneur might agree to provide a 'standard' model at the right price, even if it is not in their current market plan?  I know that both the Russians and Ukranians have standard models for the domestic market that are cheaper that those the top sportsmen but. As a person comment I would be prepared to do a 'special' Magic timer for a plan like this.  Or maybe someone big in the model business like Graupner or a specialist kit person like Lee Campbell in the USA ?

Finally of people who are nor Bits or Swedes want sen the replies to the survey to SEN - i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we would be pleased to collate the results.

Extreme F1,
As the president of a club that operates two Americas Cup events each year I am concerned that the proposal will have a negative impact on our ability to continue our attempts to grow FAI competition in the Rocky Mt. West.
if it is deemed that the MMM 14 rounder is no longer extreme enough and looses its AM sanction that will have a negative impact on our ability to draw competitors.  The same is true for our annual Dynasty Cup which is flown in conjunction with the Rocky Mt. FF champs.  Another negative force might be the large sanction fee.  As the majority of the MMM club members are not FAI flyers they could object to spending their dues money on these fees that they might not see as a benefit to them. 
The SCAT club has performed a great service to the FF community with the Americas Cup program.  It is your program and it is yours to change as you see fit.  I do ask that in the process of evaluating change you give carefull consideation to the impact on the wider community.

Jerry Murphy
President, the MMM Club.
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Roger Morrell