SEN 1265 - 18 Nov 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1265

  1. SEN format
  2. Patterson Results
  3. Fire Story
  4. Focus and Deliver
  5. F1C for sale
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SEN Format

Recently a number of people have complained that bits of their SEN are missing.  We check each SEN before it is sent and the message displays correctly in the tools we use.  We often cut and past into SEN. It appears that some of this material contains formatting information that some people, probably those with MS Outlooks express ? cannot see.  We cannot verify every issue of SEN against every possbile mail reader, also people send us material in many different formats, prepared with different tools, we not not have a way of normalizing verything.

So if you can't read SEN or think some is missing first go and look on line. You can let me know that you can't read it, but I cannot re-send to individual people.

Patterson Results
From: Hector Diez

Hello Roger,here are the results of the Patterson  contest.With perfect weather,only one question remains,
where are the  F1 j and F1p flyiers?.
1st. Jim Parker                   2880
2nd. Mike Thompson           2670
3rd. Mike McKeever            2193
4th. Ben Coussens             2192
5th. Don Zink                      2027
6th. Ken Bauer                   2023
7th. Rene Limberger           1991
8th. Hector Diez                 1967
9th. Tom Coussens            1965
10th.Brian Van Nest           1944
11th.Lee Hines                  1938
12th. Peter Allnut              1925
12th. Norm Smith              1925
14th. Kyle Jones (jr)           1801
15th. Logan Tetrick (jr)        1554.

1st. Blake Jensen             2520
2nd. Dave Saks                 2298
3rd. Charlie Jones              2095
4th. Michael Davis             2078
5th. Rick Rohrke               2047
5th. Bob Tymchek             2047
7th. George Batiuk            2026
8th. Walt Ghio                  2004
9th. Roger Morrell             1984
10th. Allen Ulm                1808
11th. Alex Andriukov         1080

1st. Len Pulley                 2460
2nd. Ed Carroll                 2041
3rd. Matt Gewain              1978
4th. Doug Joyce                 509

1st. Rick Rohrke                891
2nd. Charlie Jones             856
3rd. Kurt Van Nest             783
4th. T roy Davis(jr)               741
5th. Michael Davis              629
6th. Walt Ghio                   589
7th. Tiffany Odell                577
8th. Wes Funk                  411
9th. Len Kendy                 d.n.f.


1st. Brian Van Nest            1045
2nd. Mike McKeever           1009
3rd. Kyle Jones(jr)                987
4th. Norm Smith                  972
5th. Lee Hines                     889
6th. Mike Thompson            574
7th. Jim Parker                   108


1st.Cody Secor (jr)                  1020

Nostalgia  Wakefield

1st. Dick Gildersleeve            462
2nd. Peter Allnut                    447
3rd. Tom Laird                      358
4th. Wes Funk                     182

Hector Diez. C.D.

Fire Story
From: Ken Bauer

I'm getting lots of calls, thank you friends, so here is the story of this last weekend.
First the weather forecasters were talking all last week about the hot Santa Ana winds that would be blowing during the upcoming weekend which also happened to be the Patterson contest at Lost Hills.  This was exactly what I was hoping for because the nasty wind conditions in the LA area are caused by large high pressure systems over the central valley and Nevada which create perfect flying conditions at Lost Hills with very light winds.  This is a very familiar weather pattern here in California particularly in the fall.
Since the main rounds Patterson contest do not start until 11:30am Saturday I decide to leave about 6:30am from my house for the 3 hour drive.  Traffic reports on the internet show mostly clear freeways but as soon as I tune into the local traffic radio stations I learn that a fire in the Selmar area has broken out overnight due to the hot, dry winds and all the major freeways in the area are shut down.  Thinking of the beautiful flying condition ahead I start figuring out another way to get over the mountains and end up taking a 1.5 hour detour through Ventura to highway 126 and after I finally get back to the 5 freeway it is wide open and fast.  About this time I get a call from Rene who had given up and gone back home after failing to get through on the 5 fwy, the 118 fwy, or highway 23.  He tells me he checked the internet traffic report and I said, yes, I did that too, but of course when the roads are closed down there is no traffic!  Rene asks me how I did it and I tell him that all you have to do is listen to the traffic reports on AM980 or AM1070.  He says he has never listened to AM radio in his life!!  I teach him a basic lesson of fighting traffic in LA and he follows my same route a couple hours behind after calling the field to make arrangements for a late arrival.  Alex ends up in the same situation and comes later as well.
So it turns out to be a beautiful day at Lost Hills as expected.  After the rounds are over Don Zink tells me that there is a bad fire near his home in Yorba Linda and that his wife must evacuate.  I tell him not to worry as evacuations are just precautionary.  A little later I check my cell phone which I like to ignore while flying and find a message from my wife indicating that a fire is heading towards our city of Chino Hills.  After calling her and checking the news reports and having my son Brian drive through the area and check things out I'm torn as to what to do.  It sounds like the fire is still at least several miles away and the wind is not blowing directly our way and our house is relatively protected by surrounding streets, houses, a golf course, etc, but still should I leave just to be safe?  If I leave can I even get home back through all the traffic and freeway problems?  Is it safe to drive this late when I'll be drowsy?  Or am I justifying all this because of course I really want to stay at Lost Hills?  So I end up staying telling myself there is nothing I can do even if I leave but I keep watching the news and calling home.  Then about 11pm I get the news that my area is under mandatory evacuation so Brian goes over to help my wife and daughter pack up the most important stuff in the house including his model box.  Crud, maybe I should have left but at least she and my daughter go to her brother's house where they are safe.  I later learn that the canyon road to my house is completely closed so there is no way I can get to my house now anyway.
Waking up Sunday morning the first thing I do is check the news.  It turns out there there were separate fires in Yorba Linda and Brea (all different and far away from the Selmar fire which was burning Saturday morning) which have now merged together in the Chino Hills area, not great news.  But since the family is safe and the road to my house closed I might as well finish flying the contest Sunday morning, or am I just being selfish?  Anyway the flying weather is of course spetacular but around noon I pack up and hit the road home as soon as the rounds are over.  I get back to Chino Hills and confirm the news reports that nobody, even myself as a resident, will be allowed into Carbon Canyon road where my house is.  Even though all the reports indicate that there was no damage in my neighborhood I really want to see my house and make sure it is safe and at least keep looters away.  Then I realize the solution is sitting right on the back of my vehicle.  My chase bike!  So I drive up another road to access some hills behind my neighborhood and unload my trusty Yamaha 125 chase bike.  I lock up my car and take off on the bike, first on horse trails, then jump over a concrete drainage ditch (now I'm feeling like Steve McQueen, the Great Escape....) then I plow through weeds up the side of a hill then through more horse trails and finally emerge at the top of my street where a few residents are standing giving me strange looks.  It turns out that not everyone evacuated.
So the house was fine.  A few hours later the canyon was opened to residents only and my family returned.  I called Don and his house was also safe although it sounded like the flames took some homes not far from him.  So I guess the moral of the story is that you never know when that Free Flight chase bike may come in handy.

Focus and Deliver
From: Nick Bosdet

Dear Roger,
Could I ask you to make a correction to your Editorial in SEN 1264 please.  
In putting the survey questions together, there is absolutely no implied suggestion that Russian products are "bad" nor British products ones are "good" as far as I am concerned.
Since any such judgement would merely introduce bias and reduce the objectivity of the survey, making it a waste of time.  It has to be remembered that the exam question relates to younger model fliers and to elder fliers. 
What is really important is to:
    *    respect each other's views,
    *    find some common ground
    *    move forward to support the development of FF participation,
    *    actually result in action. 
The reality here, is that a particularly forward thinking manufacturer has produced a super prototype straight tow model for me last year, which takes the best attributes from all the different types of models.  May be this model is close to the Standard Domestic Model from the Ukraine, I don't know, but it is a real peach to teach with.
Lets Focus and Deliver what we all want.
Kind regards

F1C for Sale

Dear Mr.Morell,
maybe you can inform all your known F1C flyers that I have to sell F1c model
Model is: 3 blades, geared Ukrainian long, Used but good condition very good flying,
price will be very reasonable because i need money for now qiuckly. e-mail Povilas for a photo.
P.S. If you can you add this advertise on one of your next SEN. someone can have good deal. deatils and contact by this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
regards, Povilas Cibulskas.

Roger Morrell