SEN issue 1105 - 26 June 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1105

  1.  World Free Flight Champs Flash
  2. 1933 Time article on model airplanes


World Free Flight Champs Flash

 F1A day - Day started off with near perfect conditions. Wind increased and conditions became tricky. The record number of contestants with 40 poles cause more than the usual number of mid-airs. Flying was suspended near the being of round five following complaints from farmer about people driving through his crops. This took some time to investigate and  during this time the wind rose. Because of the time lost, the incresing wind and better forecast for the rest of the week. At this point there about 30 out of over 110 contestants were clean. For SCAT member, this included World Champ McKeever, but no other US team members. The F1A contest will resume onreserve day,  Thursday. on Wedensdat.


1933 Time article on model airplanes
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Thanks to Al Lidberg for digging this out of yesteryear.


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