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World Champs Flash - 2

The first 4 rounds of F1B were flown Wednesday morning under increasing wind speed. By the end of the 4th round only 4 flyers were clean out of the total of 99 [there should have been 100, but one well known international sportsman/gadabout suffered an unfortunate incident as a result of trying to acclimatize himself to local customs and build a better relationship with the Ukrainian people] , extra ordinary for a world champs. The problem was that it was windy but well within the limit, however the turbulence was significant and many airplanes just could not handle it. The terrain is rolling hills and the made the turbulence worse.  Just before the end of the 4 th round, as I was about to fly, coincidently, the wind swung through 90 degrees, a dark cloud appeared and the wind speed increased. I was able to get my flight off and hook a great thermal. Shortly afterwards the round was suspended. We were told to return later in the day at about 4 pm. My model went 3.5 km, took 3 mins to come down after D/T, but the chase crew found it- thanks guys. Meanwhile as we all went back to the hotel, it rained. But come 4 pm everyone was back and the wind was right down. So we completed the contest under close to ideal conditions. At the end the same 4 were still clean, Kulakovsky, I Vivchar, Zastavenko and Zilberg. There was a 5 min flyoff round at 8 pm and all made it  So next morning the fly off continued at 6 am, in close to perfect conditions, just a little haze. The final result was :

  1. Oleg Kulakovsky 333
  2. Igor Vivchar 322
  3. Anatoly Zastavenko 318
  4. Igor Zilburg 311
So Oleg repeats !! Bob Piserchio was the highest placed US flyer at 12 place.
After the F1B flyoff the F1A event resumed, but the wind had changed direction to ’point’ at a line of big trees. So after some cogitation the line was moved to the other line and the flying started at 9 am. The remaining rounds went off without any major incident. There were 19 flyers clean, all ready for the flyoff at 7 pm. Unfortunately, no US flyer made the cut.
Then late afternoon at about 5 pm there was an extra ordinary weather incident. While a number of people were testing, mainly F1C flyers, the wind rose and a tornado hit the field. It ripped out trees and launched tables and chairs at head height.  The wind reached 100 mph. This was followed by very heavy rain.  Back at the Hotel, a tree was up rooted and many branches broken and I was really glad I was not camping!  So time will tell in the morning ..
Up to this point most people regard this as the most difficult World Champs they have every taken part in. The organizer has coped well with the changing conditions and the accommodations at Chabanka and food are excellent

Sky-Scraper Annual at Barron Field this weekend


Here is a reminder and event schedule for the contest in Wawayanda, New York, June 30-July 1. For directions to the field and additional details see the website

America's Cup and National Cup
FAI, AMA, Nostalgia, SAM, FAC

June 30 and July 1, 2007

Barron, Ford, and Shuback Fields
Wawayanda, New York

FAI EVENTS:  America's Cup

Saturday June 30:
F1G (small rubber), F1H (small glider), F1J (small power), F1Q (electric). Five overlapping ninety minute rounds beginning at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, and 1:30.

Sunday Morning May 27:
F1A (glider), F1B (wakefield), F1C and F1P (power).
Seven overlapping ninety minute rounds beginning at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00.  First round max 240 sec (weather permitting);
subsequent round maxes 180 sec.


Saturday May 26: 9am--5:00pm. [Awards at 5:00pm.]
Hand Launch Glider, 1/2A Gas, Payload, ABC Nostalgia, Mulvihill, SAM Old-time Rubber (combined), Classic Towline.

Early Sunday: Dawn Unlimited, Launch Window 6:30-6:45 am.

Sunday May 27: 8am to 3:30pm. [Awards at 3:30pm.]
Catapult Glider, 1/2 A Classic, 1/2 A Nostalgia, P-30 Rubber,
Pee-Wee 30 Power, ABC Classic, E-36 (electric).
SAM Old Time Ignition (all SAM ignition classes combined).

Contest director:  David Acton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 914-948-4234 Assistant Directors: Lisa Pacelli and Andrew Barron 203-248-5386. Turn in scores between each flight. Open fliers pay $25 ($10 field use fee, plus $15 entry which covers unlimited number of AMA, NOS, SAM, and FAI events). Juniors and Seniors pay $15 total ($10 field use plus $5 entry).

Bryton Barron trophy for best junior performance by a model
of the junior's own construction.  Dorothy Waddington tropy for best junior performance overall.

Flying Aces Club:  No FAC official events at the Annual this year. Come fly some of your rubber models for fun Saturday in Mulvihill and where suitable in SAM Old-time rubber as listed above.

Andrew Barron and CD David Acton








Roger Morrell