SEN issue 1107 - 29 June 2007

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  1.  World Champs Flash
  2. Seelig Static
World Champs Flash – 3
Weather-wise F1C got the best day of the champs as was manifested by 28 making the flyoff. With an average wind speed of about 10 mph and varying thermal conditions the USA did OK until one round where everyone except Fast Richard missed the max. The 5 minute flyoff cut the number to 15 and the 5 minute left just 2, Kanegawa and Babenko. S the final result after the early morning 10 minute flyoff was:
1 Babenko
2 Kanegawa
3 Truppe
The F1A flyoff was completed on Friday evening at 8:15 and they were going for 10 minutes. At that time of the day the winner Per Findahl made about 331 seconds.
1 Findahl
2. Bezak
3. Holtleitener
The Ukrainian team did an excellent job in running the event in spite of the challenging and bizarre meteo conditions.
Hard luck team was the UK, who had one broken arm, a twisted ankle, a Stafford high tension power lines incident, Alan Jack had mid air with his F1C – the other model came out OK!, plus the usual stuff.
For the US Team it was a come down after the last champs were her everyone except one person made the fly off, here only one, Dick Mathis made the F1C flyoff. In his first World Champs Dick made the 5 minutes and ended up about 7 th.
It was interesting to note that the 3 winners, Findahl, Kulakovsky and Babenko were all past winners. In spite of being on home turf the Ukrainian team did not come away with the 3 team awards. If my memory serves me correctly Hungary was the big winner with both A and C with Japan taking B.
Full results later …and another Bauer Report!



Seelig Static
Hi guys,
I have a Selig D/T timer quite old but new. It works intermitantly. Goes then stops of its own accord. Does anyone know how to remedy this?
Ed Mate

On Wednesday July 4th, we will hold the WALT MOONEY MEMORIAL by SCALE STAFFEL FAC Squadron 41 ans the San Diego ORBITEERS. There will be a free barbeque lunch with all the trimmings. Good close hotel space near-by.
Here are the events: Peanut Scale, 2 X-Peanut Scale, Jimmie Allen , Bostonian and Ebeneezer.
In honor of WALT, you must wear a tie and display the American Flag on your aircraft.
For more info and field directions call: Roger Willis at 760-603-8877


Roger Morrell