SEN 1030 - 12 Sep 2006

SEN issue 1030 12 September 2006

Table of Contents
SCAT September Club meeting
RDT apologies
USFFC a disappointment - not

SCAT September Club meeting

Normally we do not talk about SCAT club meetings as they really
only apply tp people who live in the greater Los Angles area.

This Saturday 16 September there will be a meeting in the Chino
Hills area starting late morning and going on to the afternoon.

The Sept SCAT meeting will be a celebration of the recent USA Jr
excellent performance in Germany. Slide shows from several of our
club members. This is a great opportunity to invite friends,
even non-modeling families, to generate interest in our club and
the Jr FAI FF program.

If you are not a SCAT member but would like to attend the meeting
please e-mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

for details.

RDT apologies

I'm sorry that I have not been able to supply the new RDT systems which I've
been talking about for a long time (please use the term "RDT" for Radio DT,
I hate "RCDT"). I quit making the old systems a couple years ago because
they were too costly and difficult to make and because I knew I could do
much better with newer technoligies and chips that are becoming
available. Dozens of you have emailed me asking for systems, to which I've been
saying "soon", "maybe later this year", etc.. for several years. I've never made
any promises however because it is just too dificult. So please be patient. There
is a very good chance I will finally get it done before the end of this year. I will
then let all of you know. I plan to make a stand alone version of the new system as
well as one that will plug into black or red magic timers, so it will be possible to
use it on a wide variety of models.

Regards, Ken Bauer

USFFC a disappointment - not
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I thought that FF in USFFC meant Fun Flying. What has happened to us if
we are now taking the time to write SCAT complaining about a contest
being a fun fly and not organized enough and using such words as
meaningless and a disgrace? Have we lost our focus on what this
sport/hobby is all about? Must every contest be run like a regimented
machine and follow every rule to the T where there's no room for fun and

I was at the USFFC and it was expressed to me from the very beginning
that this was a very relaxed contest, one that we could just go out and
have some fun flying, yet still keep our competitive edge. To say this
contest was a disgrace was totally uncalled for. We are all out there
to enjoy ourselves, to get away from what the every day world brings to
each of and everyone of us. In my opinion we're out there to have fun
and to enjoy doing something we love doing, even if it's just be out
there camping while sitting around and enjoying each other's company. I
can't remember the last time I went camping with some friends and I
didn't enjoy myself. So to say that the USFFC was just a big campout,
so what, people were out there enjoying themselves why knock it? Each
of us are out there for our own reasons, be it flying or just
socializing, not all of us are as serious as some people want everyone
else to be. And let's not forget, it was 105 degrees out there. Why not
just go with the flow and enjoy the contest for what it was a good time.

If all contests turn regimented and regulated, then that's when the fun
goes out of it. We're having enough trouble getting new people involved
in this sport/hobby as it is we certainly don't need to take the fun out
of it. If someone doesn't like the way a contest is run then they
should speak to the cd about it privately don't air their unhappiness in
a page where everyone can read it. Instead don't come to the contest
next year and let those of us that enjoyed ourselves decide on our own
without prejudice. A few less unhappy modelers would probably make for
a more enjoyable contest anyway. Better yet, those of you that are
unhappy with how a contest is run try running a contest yourself and see
how well you can handle it and see how many people you make happy.

I thought it was a very well run, respectable contest I had a great
time. We're out there to have fun, let's not lose our focus on what this
is all about. Life is too serious as it is, take a breath, relax and
just enjoy for what it is.

Roger Morrell