SEN 725 - 11 Aug 2002

SCAT Electronic News 11 August 2002 issue 725

Table of Contents
European championships Kunszentmiklos/Hungary - Salzer
Transmitters - The Alien
NFFS Comments ? - Coleman
2002 Nats FAI FF Results - Markos
HLG/CLG E-timer? - Sweepette Lee
Black Nitrate....Who/Where.??? - Willis
Oregon Trail - Roberts

European championships Kunszentmiklos/Hungary
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Who is Murphy
It is all because of the salt
In a restaurant I reach for the salt. With my elbow I hit my plate, and
everything on it ends up not in my stomach, but on the beautiful, new dress
I got for my 10th birthday. Thanks to my parents and the salt I find out
about Murphy and his law: Everything which can go wrong, will. Even if if
everybody agrees that it is not Murphy’s fault that the food ended up in the
wrong place.

Murphy is always with us
Unpack, wash, pack again, too much salt
A couple hours after returning from the European Championships in Hungary I
am running from washing machine to ironing board, to the cooker, in between
Klaus and I fix a couple of pictures of children I took years ago to our new
leporello display. Dad cries for salt for snails. No, not for eating, but
for killing them. We like flowers more than the snails, which are eating
them. Mother takes her dead-sea-salt to the bath to kill her last energy in
order to sleep better and I put too much salt to the turkey meat boiling on
the stove. I smile to Klaus: 'Another proof of my love to you'. Thanks to
that 'love' Turkey Stroganoff ends up thinned down to a soup. Wether it was
Murphy, the salt, or our kind of life – never mind, just a reason for a
happy laugh.

Murphy's or Klaus' law?
Smiling memories
Today memories smile at us. My husband is a participant at a European or
World Championships for the 25th time. Thanks to Murphy or thanks to Klaus?
Whatever, he earned praise. The 8 times he participated in F1B he reached
the flyoff 6 times with his simple airplanes. Even if often things do go
wrong, I am proud of him, and happy that he keeps true to balsawood and to

Murphy's law amplified
The handicapped team
In the hungarian unbearable heat instead of licking ice cream, we lick salty
sweat drops big as hungarian water melons. Instead of bathing in salty sea
water, we chose to bathe in our own salty sweat.
Just happenstance?
Helfried, the first time team member, arrives like a war casualty. He has a
terrible pain in his leg. A day before he walked the terrain – hole, even,
slant, hole, called 'flying field'. He ends up in a hospital at home with
strong inflammation, stronger pain, and even stronger disappointment to miss
the champs.
Second team member Horst drives to his hotel and hits some piece of iron
lying on the road. Two tires are gone - His car has to be towed to a tire
shop by a rickety hungarian towcar.
In the pre-contest on that very day Klaus loses 7 sec in the first round, in
the second round 2, in the third round the model, in the fourth? What
happens, if Klaus gets lost? Luckily he did not, but loses the health in his
right knee.
Helfried's replacement, good friend Harry, loses his plane and his tracker
antenna, too, in the same round as Klaus.
Some hours earlier, team member Manfred sprains his ankle.
Some hours later, team member Gerd comes down with high fever.
Later we laugh about our situation, imagining the Austrian team
participating as a 'handicapped' team: Klaus being brought to the starting
line in a baby carriage, wheelbarrow, or wheelchair, trying to wind his
rubber with carefully applied brakes.
But we are not the only people labouring under Murphy's law:
We see a disturbance in the reeds. Three men form a living chain to drag out
a fourth who got stuck in a swamp hole.
Ivo Kreetz' dad returns from retrieving his son's model with a dislocated
Oscar Mazko gets hit by a crashing F1C, cutting up his ankle, necessitating
rapid first aid and a 1.5-hour operation in the hospital.
But even if things like these happen, it is always good to meet again on
some flying field hours, days, weeks, months or years apart. Model flying is
a miracle. Each reunion is a celebration for Klaus and me, because there is
not money enough in the world to buy this kind of memory.
And so we will dive into the salty atlantic ocean in France to meet you
again in Poitou.

Veronika Salzer


Look on the plus side - you and your team mates did not
spend time 'helping the police with their enquiries' as did
team members from some other countries - and missing the contest
only to be released without even an applogy.

We look forward to seeing you in Potou and I look forward
to piggy backing off Klaus the thermal master]

For those wanting a full report of the Police incident, I would
normally expect this from Brother Segrave, but seeing I'm persona
non grata or the likes with Mike we are deprived of details.

Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wonder if anyone out there has any of the European style
transmitters they might want to sell. If so, would they please contact
Thanks, Bob

NFFS Comments ?
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Hi Tiffany,
In the previous web format NFFS had a place for comments. Since I don't
find that place you as the PR director get these comments.
In previous Nats, World Champs and Other Major Competitions, there were
online discussions, results, pictures etc.during the event. At this
years Nats a big fat zero......not the way to encourage participation.
It looks, under the New Web Format that NFFS is afraid to hear when
folks think they may be doing a great job or stubbing their collective
toes. This is supposed to be a democratic organization of the Free
Flighters. So lets open up and continue to make it that. The new home
pages "look great" so lets also make the content match the graphics.
Roger Coleman,
Leader Member/CD AMA 33333
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2002 Nats FAI FF Results
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The FAI event scores are posted on the AMA website ( If
the SEN readers are not familiar with the site, click on the competitions tab
to produce a menu in which you will find a large "NATS" button.

I can't give you individual flight scores. F1A was the only event that flew
a super max for the first round, but the event was won by Don Zink who missed
the 240 by about 10 seconds, no flyoff. F1C flew all 120s for the rounds,
then waited until the last morning to fly a 10-minute flyoff max. F1J also
flew their flyoff on Friday am with a 10-minute max. The F1B event flew a
120 for the first round then all 180s. The flyoff was held on Thurs evening
between Bill Shailor and Tom Ioerger. Unfortunately, the gentle drift for
their flyoff moved just as they were winding to put the models about 40 feet
up in the trees after 4 minutes.

The weather started off hot and humid for the weekend preceeding the Nats, it
was 95 degrees on the bank clock/thermometer Sunday night at 8 pm! Very
light drift. This condition continued into Monday when F1A was flown, but
changed abrubtly when a series of small thunderstorms came through in
mid-afternoon. The drift direction changed from NW to E during that time,
but was still quite light and the F1A event was concluded after two storm
delays. The drift on Tuesday was about 10 mph out of the ENE and gradually
lessened as the week went on. The direction was across the short direction
of the field, unfortunately. F1G was the only event with a flyoff that
finished the same day it started. F1H was won by Vic Nippert with a
straight-tow model for the only clean score (let's have a Luddite cheer!).

Friday turned out to be a glorious weather day. The only FAI-like event was
the NFFS 'nostalgia' straight-tow A-1 event won by Stan Buddenbohm (8
maxes!). Over 30 entries, but only 11 flyers. Bill Vanderbeek finally
placed ahead of Mike Fedor to even the score from when they were both
Junior-age flyers at the Nats when Mike beat Bill in the A-1 event. They
both had new models: Charlie Sotich's L'il Dip.

Thanks to the FAI event directors: F1A (Chris Matsuno and Ed Wiley), F1B
(Charlie Sotich), F1C (John Lorbiecki and Dave Rounsaville), F1J/F1G (Bob
Sifleet) and F1H (Tom Jones). Lorbiecki came just to run F1C and then headed
off to the J WCh with his son, John T.

Chuck Markos, Nats FF CD

HLG/CLG E-timer?
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Count Me in Roger!!!
I lost 3 of the little birds(2 CLGs and an OT HLG)=20
@ the Nats.
More precise timing would have save them all, since the 2 with DTs went =
OOS about 3 min before they did DT(a friend with binos saw them come =
down)and were then beyond the tree line.
With an accurate E-timer on board, I would then be wise to put the =
lightest, tiniest tracker in the nose as an insurance policy for =

[Lee the MicroMagic R&D program has been delayed by the preparations
for the Florida Finals. .. But one option we are considering
is a beeper]

FYI, Don Zink flew well, winning F1A(with 2 T-storms
throw in!), then getting 2nd in F1H in breezy turbulent air on Tues.
I stunk up the place in the F1 events, sorry to say.
I got 4th in CLG, 6th in OT CLG, 7th in OHLG.
FF Luck, much of it bad, happened.
Stan Buddenbohm and Dick Peterson did pretty well;
usually higher than me.
Also Vic Nippert used a Minimaster F1H(from Stan's
kit)to win F1H nicely.
On Saturday, 3 Aug, we were at Westbaden, near French Lick, IN for some
indoor flying. A lot of fun in a
beautifully restored, wonderful building!
Originally constructed in a year(!), opening in 1902.
Kurt Krempitz, among others, took pix which I asked them to forward to
you...hope they remember!
Ciao, Lee

Black Nitrate....Who/Where.???
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Roger...I recently asked Allen Klairich if AeroDyne had any black nitrait
dope...He said he was out and it was very hard to get.....Do you know where
it can be found..??? Roger Willis..SCALE STAFFEL San Diego

Oregon Trail
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hitch up the wagon, grab the dogs and chickens and hit the trail to
Oregon for the second annual Tangent Classic FAI Meet. F1 ABC on Friday
August 16th starting at 8am and F1 GHJ on Saturday starting at 9am.
Just off I-5, south of Albany somewhere between Tangent and Lebenon,
there will be plenty of room for the livestock to graze while the
youngsters tinker with their flying contraptions....should be
interesting. You're all invited.

Ron McB & Mikey R

Roger Morrell