SEN 726 - 14 Aug 2002

SCAT Electronic News 14 August 2002 issue 726

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Jr. Nordic Team takes silver - Parker [yet another]
Euro Champs Comment - Andriukov
Jul 2002 Tan II and Luddite Nirvana ? - Tomasch
Fw: Roger, more than some B-29 Stuff... - Skykieng
Story at Euro 2002 by Ukrainian eyes - Stamov
Re: Wobbeking coordinates - Gregorie

Jr. Nordic Team takes silver
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Hi Roger and Lindy,

Fantastic news this am from the guys - with great teamwork, the F1A juniors
placed second, 16 seconds away from gold!!! France won, and I think Slovakia
took bronze.

Weather conditions were horrific, with major turbulence off the rolling hills
nearby, wind direction changing often, rain or sprinkles off and on, and one
round postponed for 2 hours, I believe. All 3 juniors had to tow in at least
once. Dallas sacrificed his best model at one point, it can be repaired at
home. Michael was close at one time to possibly placing first individually.

They are safe, no flooding in their area, but the storm apparently affected
the turbulence, etc. and they had mud and water to tow through. Their chase
crew did a marvelous job, the Nordic Team is very thankful. Dallas said they
hope to give their other teammates as much support in chasing, etc.

Dallas sounded exhausted, but I'm not sure who was more tired, the Nordic
Team or the chase crew!! Anyway, they are thrilled.

Would you share this in the SCAT news? Thanks alot,


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Just off the field from F1A day, and what a day! Windy, cold and constant rain
the entire day, treacherous currents from buildings upwind and a long sloping
downhill about 200m downwind from the launch line turned the hopes of a fly-off
into those of simple survival. Michael Avallone stayed clean and led the world
till the weather and the field conbined to finally let him down in Rd 7.
Dallas Parker and Ben Coussens hung in there, trying to make at least
2-2 1/2 min when maxes were not possible. The combined efforts of the
fliers, runners, team manager Brian Van Nest, and chase crew resulted in
Team Silver for USA!! The junior team has never made the podium till now.

The team flew with heads held high, completely on their own, in stark contrast
to many of the others who were strictly "coached" by their managers.
Their skill was more than evident: 21 good bunts, no zeroes, no out of control
flying, compared to a lot of lemming-like straight tows and off, and resultant
drops. They could not have made us more proud by their attitudes and good
will. It was an event that will live in my memory as one of the greatest
shows of sportsman ship in my experience in Free Flight.

To Don Zink and Jon Davis: the Kelty's (from the 2001 WC) were a godsend! We
saw three others in addition to our two.

More to follow!

Tom Coussens

Euro Champs Comment
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Dear Roger,

I could not bear this, I have to answer.

Dear Mister Farkas,

I also enjoyed the nice contests in a nice place and I completely agree
with you idea of not mixing the sport with the dirt. I only can not
understand a few things.
The fact is that Alex Molchanov was arrested and handcuffed immediately
at the start line. You may remember that all cars were parked about
300-400 meters away. That is what I can not understand. How could he
jump 300 meters into his car?
What are you up to, Mister Farkas?

Alexander Andriukov
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Jul 2002 Tan II
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Gentle readers of SEN:

I purchased some JUL 00, 2002 Tan-II at the Nationals and wonder if there's
any feedback out there regarding durability and/or specific energy content?
(Visual inspection of 1/8th and 3/16ths strands does not reveal any obvious
signs of delamination. )

Yes, I know how to do this stuff for myself, but I have about eight days to
repair/rebuild/replace/retrim models that suffered violent encounters of the
worst kind at said Nationals. After that there's a nine-day siege at Muncie:
two weekend contests and the SAM champs. Ludite's

In any event, best wishes to all the other crazies out there, whatever their

Walt Tomasch

Fw: Roger, more than some B-29 Stuff...
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>From Bill Gieskieng.

Roger, The reason I'm sending this is that at the Sallyann site
mentioned below is a click-on presentation and listing of just how to
go about protecting yourself against virus', etc. I've gotten hit in the
past and so have some modeling friends... one -- Bill Lovins -- got his
computer wiped out with a "Death Spiral." If you think it is
worthwhile, but can't run it on SCAT, a possible solution would be for
those interested to email me and I could forward this to them...I don't
imagine I would be overwhelmed by requests. (Tom...julery is a cousin
and sends me all sorts of aviation tid-bits... the antivirus info was an
unsuspected bonus)

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More new B-29 stuff at:
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Subject: B-29 Stuff...

This site will get you to the Sallyann B-29 stuff.


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Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
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Story at Euro 2002 by Ukrainian eyes
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Dear Roger,
My message below is not the answer for articles what you published already.
I thought about what to write and how to do it from Hungary. Unfortunately,
many confirmations of Murphy low were happened after that incident and I
can't concentrate my mind complete. More - in October.
If, you think, that possible to publish in SEN our look for what was
happened at Euro, please, do it. If necessary, you can edit and
make it shorter. I can't.

A few days ago I've got e-mail where was:
"What happened to the Ukrainians during the last European Champs??.....where
you guys... ...??
Hope to hear from you soon."

If look at F1C List of Results from last Euro, it is really strange to see
only 5 results (the rest are zeros) for 3 Ukraine F1C team mate: E.

Below is a story from our look:
2002 Free Flight European Championships, Hungary, Friday, August, 2, F1C
8:00 - 1st round started in time. At the second half, round was
interrupted, because one of the F1C hit a man on the start line (I heard -
Oscar MASZKO).

The second round started with delay - around 9:30-9:45. This time 2
persons (see "faces.jpg" - man with gun in glasses and left man to him) in
civil clothes and in civil car (VW "Bora" - HZV-732) came to the flying
field. They came, as we have known much later, to see Alexander MOLCHANOV
our F1C Team. As we heard also much later: After Puszta Cup, World Cup event
before European Champs, Hungarian Bank, where all entry fees money was
deposited had
found some false hard cash. During registration at Puszta, Alexander
paid by cash USD and a few bills were rejected, because detecting machine
was operated wrong (it has 3 different modes - USD, Euro, Forint). At the
end he paid by cash USD. Puszta Cup Organizers had decided that money came
from MOLCHANOV and did application to Police against him. So, 2 unknowns
came to the Organizers Office near start line and got MOLCHANOV's FAI
License (with his picture), his start number and starting pole number of
Ukraine. They came to Alex and ask his Passport. Passport was in the car on
the parking (500 m down the wind). "Let's go", said they. "I'm competitor
and should fly", answer Alex. Strangers shown him Policeman's Badges and
push Alex. He went. 50 m from the start line his hands were in handcuffs
already!!! Alex's brother Sergey followed them and ask me by Walky Talky
to the car too (I was Official Team Manager of Ukrainian Team and that day
was also the head of retrieval team which located down the wind near
When I came, I saw - MOLCHANOV, staying near his car in the handcuffs
(see "handcuffs.jpg"), 2 civil policemen making search of Alex's goods. Even
he didn't know exactly that time why he is arrested. Alex's supposition -
because he
exchanged $50 in the Bank 2 days ago. I introduced myself and asked civil to
do the same. They said nothing and roughly push me off. I saw - situation
going wrong way - no names, no permission for search, no official witnesses
during the search, a lot of abilities for provocations (drugs, false cash,
weapon). I called to the start line and asked invite here Jury and
Organizers. In a few minutes another car came with real Police in uniform
(Badge Number one of them - 41572). After more search and find nothing, real
policemen took Alex, put in their car and tried move him away. Still nobody
from Officials there. My call again to the start, Valentine MOZIRSKY (coach)
said that Officials run from him as cockroaches (Sorry guys!) in different
ways and don't want to listen him even. Ukrainians and Russians, who was
there, sat around Police car with MOLCHANOV with demand to stop despotism
and wait Officials. One civil and one uniformed cop expose their guns (see
"guns.jpg"). Situation is not for nervous people. I drove my car as crazy
through the start line (Sorry!) and caught Jury member Andras REE. During
drive back I asked him to stop Police action and make everything normal way.
When we came - Police car with MOLCHANOV gone, another 2 Ukrainians Valery
and Vladislav LAZAREVICH jointed together hand to hand by another pair of
handcuffs were pushed in "Bora" by Police and gone too. A. REE didn't say
and do anything.
Writing all above took longer time then action in reality (around 30
minutest from Police came - Police gone).
All of us were shocked. Officials only said: "Never happened before. We
can do nothing." Euro Champ still continued as nothing happened. 3 persons
from Ukrainian Team disappeared and Officials live their normal life. In
such situation E. VERBITSKY and A. BABENKO stopped flying.
We informed our Embassy in Budapest, told with Major of Kunszentmiklos,
FAI Jury, Contest Director and understood - our trouble is our problem. Euro
can run without our team.
12:55 - I deliver to Contest Director Protest from Team of Ukraine
(Many Thanks to John WILLIAMS from UK to help us with writing it). Below is
a text:

"I Victor STAMOV, in my role of Ukrainian Team Manager, herby submit
this Protest.
I request that competition be immediately stopped. The reason we request
the competition be stopped is F1C Team member - Alexander MOLCHANOV was
arrested at gun point by unidentified persons and forcibly removed from the
flying site.
We consider this incident to be totally unacceptable. It is unreasonable
and unjustified that any competitor from any Nation can be removed from the
site in the middle of the competition against his will."

... and standard formal answer at 2:30 p.m.:
"The FAI Jury has considered the Protest. The Jury did not find any FAI
regulation giving the power to interrupt the contest. The protest is denied.
FAI Jury: P. Chaussebourg, I. Kaynes, A. Ree"

18:30 same day. Alexander MOLCHANOV was brought back to the flying site,
dropped off far away from the start line by same people in the same car
without any explanations or apologies. He saw the last fly off - duel in
between "Folder" and "Gear" (Thanks to Police). By the way, we don't have
explanations and apologies from Official Hungary still.

18:50 - demand of our Team to Organizers (thanks again, John):
"With reference to the event that have taken place earlier today we
respectfully request a full refund of an F1C Team Entry Fees.
The reason for this request is, because, the event that took place were
totally outside our control and we can not be held responsible for the
timing of the arrest of our Team Member Alexander MOLCHANOV.
We truly feel, that a full refund is appropriate. Victor STAMOV - Team

... and answer of Organizers:
"Refund of entry fee:
The Organizer can not refund the entry fee, because it has been spent.
We can offer to reduce the entry fee at the next World Championships by this
amount, contrary to our firm opinion that the Organizer is not responsible
for the case has happened. Gabor ZSENGELLER - Main Organizer."

One guy (Alex) from three arrested is back, but father and son
LAZAREVICH in the jail still. By Hungarian law they should spent in the jail
at least 72 hours, i.e. till Monday or even more for the attempt to protect
their team-mate.
Next day, Saturday, together with Gabor ZSENGELLER, we spent many hours
in discussion with Commander of local Police and 23:40 we got our friends
FREE with the stamp in their Passports to leave Hungary in 24 hours and
prohibition entry to Country during one year (as Judge said, it is the
lowest punishment).

Saturday, after Prize Giving, Pierre CHAUSSEBOURG had declare that 2002
FF Euro Champ is closed the Team of Ukraine made next announcement (Thanks
to Alex ANDRIUKOV for translation from Russian into English):

"I, Victor STAMOV, Team Manager of Ukraine, would like to convey our
thoughts to you, the participants of the European Free Flight Championships.
After the contest started, one of the Ukrainian F1C team members,
Alexander MOLCHANOV, was handcuffed right at the start line at gun point and
forcibly removed from the flying site. Team of Ukraine had to withdraw from
the competition. After examination, searching and expertise no charges were
laid against Alexander MOLCHANOV. was brought to the start area
about 7 PM and released without any explanations or apologies.
Two members of Ukrainian team, Valery and Vladyslav LAZAREVICH spent
over 32 hours in jail for the attempt to protect their team-mate.
We, the Team of Ukraine consider all these actions a rough violation of
the Human Rights and a Fair Play in the International competition.
We believe that the country which allow such things to happen should not be
awarded the right to run official FAI events.
Remember, what happen to us today may happen to any of you tomorrow..
Thank you."

I think it is not the end of this sad story.

F1A flyer, Ukraine Team Manager at Euro 2002

P.S. I knew now many new words: handcuffs, at gun point, punishment, Public
Prosecutor, etc.

Re: Wobbeking coordinates
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> Sometime ago somebody posted wobbeking tailplane section coordinates.
Here are the co-ordinates I use:

X = 0 1.25 2.5 5 7.5 10 15 20 25
YU=2.088 3.846 4.691 5.977 6.950 7.681 8.419 8.488 8.260
YL=2.088 0.655 0.382 0.102 0.046 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000

X = 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 95 100
YU=7.911 7.193 6.038 4.910 3.730 2.530 1.310 0.610 0.020
YL= 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000

Martin Gregorie

Roger Morrell