SEN 756 - 18 Nov 2002

SCAT Electronic News 18 November 2002 issue 756

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Traveling with Models since 9/11/2001
Results of the 18th Annual Autumn Cup - Simpson
Fly Power - Hotard
Mike Keller, redux - SweepetteLee
US FF Champs - Stalick
Re: Jr Team Program - Biggles
what does it really matter if your model only does 4.5 mins instead of 6. - Blackam

Traveling with Models since 9/11/2001
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Roger, there have been several more posts on the Stuka Stunt
Form regarding "traveling with models after 9/11/2001", the
title of the relevant thread. Pay particular attention to the
posts of "CCC" (Chris Cox), "Tools", Bill Lee, and Dave
Fitzgerald. It looks to me that if you travel with power models,
the best bet is to put your tool kit, engines and tanks in
checked baggage. If you feel you must take the models as
carry-on, make it only the models in that box. Have the engines
and fuel tanks cleaned, flushed, bagged and boxed and ready to
ship by UPS or FedEx, if it gets down to that. I think this
approach would "CYA" as best as possible. Thermals to all,

Results of the 18th Annual Autumn Cup
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Results of the 18th Annual Autumn Cup – Seguin TX, Nov 9 - 10, 2002

Reported by Reid Simpson, CD.

The contestants at the 18th Autumn Cup enjoyed a great south Texas contest.
The rain that had dropped in the neighborhood of 20 inches of rain in the
three prior weeks let up mid-week and 2 beautiful days of sunshine gave us a
wonderful weekend of flying. The start of the rounds on Saturday was delayed
due to heavy fog on the field that did not lift until 8:20 and the wind
direction did not take a set until 8:50. A change of the flight line to the
far SW corner of the field resulted in a start time of 9:45. The flight
times were set at 2 minutes due to the wind conditions which while not
overly heavy did threaten to push the boundaries of the field for the
models. Fly-offs in F1C and Open Gas were delayed until Sunday morning due
to the wind.

The fly offs that were scheduled for 7:00 Sunday morning were delayed by
dense fog that did not lift to permit flying until shortly after 9:00. Once
the fly offs were over the light, due South drift conditions gave way to the
same stronger wind direction we had on Saturday. Again a flight line
relocation was made and the first round of the mini events started. By the
end of the 1st round the wind had let up to almost calm and stayed that way
for the reminder of the day. In fact the conditions became so perfect that
the fly-off in F1J between Bob Guti and Faust Parker which had completed the
5 minute flight was increased to an 8 minute max to try to put an end to a
marathon since the flights were not drifting more than half the width of the
field. As it was, a contest that usually has the contestants on their way
home by 3:00 at the latest did not see the gate closed until after 5:30
Sunday evening.

We had a total of 23 contestants who provided 42 entries in 9 events.

Our Saturday night award dinner was well attended at a wonderful Mexican
restaurant. The flying was great and we had a great time. Come join us next
year at one or both of our American Cup contests in Seguin, The 10th Annual
Spring Cup in April, and/or the 19th Annual Autumn Cup which will be held
the 2nd weekend of November, 2003. We hope to see your there.

An additional blessing came on Wednesday morning when C.C Johnson received
word that his model (the only one lost) had been found by a business owner
in the company's parking lot and was being returned to C.C.


Steve Spence 120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840
Jackie Sheffer. .120..120..092..120..120..056..120..748

Mike Reeves. ...120..120..120..063..120..073..120..736

Jon Schelp.. ..120..120..098..046..120..000..000..504


Edward Wiley .. 120..120..120..120..120..120..104..824

Fred Pearce ..120..120..120..120..120..120..076..796


Faust Parker ...120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840..326
Bob Guti . .....120..120..120..120..120..120..120..840..296
Henry Spence .120..120..120..120..120.,120..120..840..146
Reid Simpson. .120..120..120..088..000..000..000..448
Don Chesson ...000..000..000..000..000..000..000..000


Marvin Mace. .091..120..120..120..117..120..120..808..231
Jackie Sheffer .120..120..120..120..120..120..088..808..132
Russ Snyder 067..120..120..091..120..120..120..758
C.C. Johnson ..120..043..120..120..120..120..000..643
John Irwin ..078..102..001..000..000..000..000..181


Craig Hollier ..120..120..116..356
John O’Dwyer ...083..120..120..323
ArthurMilam .105..093..120..318
Eddie Vanlandingham .120..120..060..300
Jim Stafford ...063..108..120..291
Don Hockaday ...094..000..000..094


Edward Wiley ..120..120..120..088..120..568
Eddie Vanlandingham 096..120..110..101..120..547
John O’Dwyer .. 120..116..120..092..087..535
Jim Stafford ..054..120..120..080..120..494


Mike Reeves.. ..120..048..120..120..120..528
Steve Spence 040..120..077..120..120..477
Jackie Sheffer. 026..120..051..045..083..325


Bob Guti 120..120..120..120..120..600..180..240..300..391
Faust Parker... 120..120..120..120..120..600..180..240..300..364
Jackie Sheffer .120..120..120..120..120..600
Fred Carstens 106..120..120..120..120..586
Russ Snyder .120..120..120..084..081..525
Jon Schelp ..002..106..095..081..093..377
John Irwin .120..080..000..000..000..200
Marvin Mace OR..000..000..000..000..000
C.C. Johnson .000..000..000..000..000..000

Reid Simpson 015..000..000..000..000..015
(Yes, the model was trimmed. Yes, the launch was to the left of the wind.
Yes, the model did stick it's nose in the mud. No, the model did not get
hurt, just a venturie full of mud. Yes, another flight was not required. No,
the flight was not indicative of the F1P class nor the model's performance)

Fly Power
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Since SEN deviates from super serious FAI stuff, here is my two cents
worth on the "Fly Power" scenario.

The House Fly powered model saga, dates back to the late 1930's, I
believe. I was finally able to rev up this very old brain of mine and
remember attending an awards banquet for the Junior Aviator National Air
Races (sixth annual) held August 31, 1940, at the Mayflower Hotel
Ballroom, in downtown Akron, Ohio. The contest itself was at the Akron
Airport, where, in the huge dirigible hangar, the dirigibles Akron and
Macon were built and serviced. It was an every year affair. At the
banquet some clowns released house flies with thin strips of Jap tissue
glued to their butts, and they swooped, looped, and dived all over the
banquet room while we kids roared with laughter!! Also believe some
clever indoor guy, built and flew a very, very, small indoor stick
glider with a house fly glued to the front end. It cruised around the
large room, and when the fly got tired, it simply glided!! Remember,
there were a lot more flies then than there are now. We had never heard
of DDT.

I still have the Program//Menu for that banquet and it lists food
entrees such as "Propeller Cocktail", "Balsawood Relish", "Whipped Stall
Potatoes", "Wing Strut Fowl", and on and on. The speakers were Major
"Al" Williams and A. W. Patterson, President of United Airlines.. I
believe we may discover the "fly story" goes back to 1930's Nats
Banquets,-----but remember, it is difficult for this old Luddite to
retrieve 60+ year old memories. Maybe some other "Old Coot" out there,
whose memory cells are more active, can add to this.

Al Hotard

Mike Keller, redux
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FYI to all,
As I recall(in my pseudo-guise as FAI FF historian
second to Dick Guildersleeve),
Mike Keller WON the JR F1C World Championship, using
Dukie's fine Summerwind.
I want to add that Team Keller did a fine job at the USFFC.
My thanks to all the folks in charge.

--- Lee Hines
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US FF Champs
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I am not sure to whom this message should be sent, so I would appreciate it
if you would forward to the proper party. I want to ask the officers of
CUFFMAC to consider moving the dates for the USFFC to sometime earlier in the
year. Even if it is just moved to mid to late October, it would be a good
time for us here in the NW to attend, as our contest season usually is over
by the second weekend of October.
This year may be unusual due to the severe rainstorm, but I know that a few
of the locals went last year and felt as though they were pretty much blown
This year, my friend Jack Shafer and I made it as far south as Stockton
before the rains and wind got the better of us. On Friday morning we turned
around and headed back North.
John Kamla, who hails from the Seattle area, made it as far South as Ashland,
OR before turning around.
Since it appears as though the USFFC is now a two day meet, just about any
weekend would suffice for this competition. I just ask you to consider moving
it a couple of weeks earlier to enhance the probability that the weather
would be better. I believe you would have a minimum of 12 and probably more
like 20 contestants from the NW in attendance if the weather were more
Thanks for your work and thanks for your consideration of this request.
Bob Stalick


the USFFC is thoughly emeshed in SoCal FF politics - it moved
from Memorial Day to Labor day - because it rained one time
at Lost Hills on Memorial Day and the ground at
Lost Hills Hills got 'interesting !'. So then it was on Labor
day or a number of years until it go too hot. It then moved
to more or less the Veterans day weekend. Here it is cooler
but the weather is not so good and not so many people
have that day off work. If the FF Champs was like it was in the
good old days [i.e. Booth and Beecroft] then people would
take the day off work, but seeing it's not
like it was not so many people are ready to take the extra day off.
Meanwhile the Blacksheep have their extravaganza at Taft on Memorial
Day as Big Al shoots out at Lost Hills so it can't move back there.
Also back in the good old days
the FAI events were serious and SCAT ran the table. More recently the
CDs have show varing interest in supporting FAI events and there has been
varing degrees of miscommunication with FAI sportsmen which is why
it is not always an America's Cup event. I will point out that when I showed up
on Saturday that there were probably more FAI flyers there than any others.
... and inspite of the weather etc the Keller's did a great job.

October is the Month for flying in the South West we have the best FAI contest
at that time of the year - Livotto's FAI invitational - followed by the
Sierra Cup and the Las Vegas FAI contest so the calendar is rather full.
While the Las Vegas contest has moved some the other two are fixtures on
'their' dates. Attempting to move them would not be popular or practical.]

Re: Jr Team Program
From: Martyn Cowley

Jim / Roger for SEN,

* Re your piece in SEN - Mike Keller was also the first Junior World
Championship Gold Medalist for USA in F1C !

what does it really matter if your model only does 4.5 mins instead of 6.
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Ray Elliot said:

>As Jim says, what does it really matter if your model only does 4.5
>mins instead of 6.

Ray, with the current rules it very much matters. The first super max
flight is typically five minutes now. That means a whole lot of people
won't get into the flyoff who may otherwise have done. That actually IS a
bad thing because for many people, getting into a flyoff is a real
achievement and not a normal everyday occurance and that gives them a
reason to try harder (and stick with the sport).

I haven't wanted to wade into this little discussion before, despite the
inflammatory statements from both the 'it's a tragedy, my life is over'
and the 'take it like men, you pathetic wimps' sides of the camp.
However, in practise the reduced performance with 'Super Sport' or
whatever it will be called will indeed make a difference and those who
have stocks of TanII will indeed have an advantage for a while.

Pragmatically, I have a little good rubber left and will become very much
busier re-tying old motors as I'm sure will many of my friends around the
world. I have considered re-entering the world of serious indoor flying
instead of f1b... man, one pound of rubber lasted me 15 years in f1d!

In the meantime I know John C is working hard to solve our hi-performance
rubber supply problems. He did it before and I'm sure he can do it again.



Roger Morrell