SEN 2515 - Lost Hills and Champs news

SEN 2515 Table of Contents

Lost Hills and Champs news

  1. The World Champs Web site
  2. Lost Hills and Hwy 46
  3. Team China List


The World Champs Web site

The official AMA World Champs web site is at :
The AMA’s IT dept have just started on it so there is not much information there yet, but that will be the place to go for the official information.
In the mean time we have some unofficial information the SEN web ste and this link as a way to get to Bulletin 1


Lost Hills and Hwy 46
From : Pat & Allen Ulm 

Hwy 46 will be widened to 4 lanes from Hwy 5 to Brown Material Rd with federal funding. May be of interest to SEN readers. 

Editor’s Observation: Ah that explains all the road construction that has been going on at the Lost Hills exit from the I-5 . I would think that part would be finished well in time for the World Champs and even Fab Feb. But probably not all the way to Brown Material Rd. Brown Material Rd (who thought of that name !), is the road that runs South from Hwy 46 at the same place as Holloway Rd runs North to the flying site.

In other Lost Hills news, the bike and other stuff storage capacity has been increased as mentioned in a recent SEN and it looks like there may be some technology infrastructure upgrades to improve our flying experience. These “weasel words” will be translated into regular English when the hoped for good things happen.

Team China List

From: Yuan Gao 

Team for 2018 World Champs representing China

Team manager:  Feng Qing

FIA competitors
1 Shi Junping
2 Zhang Zhiyong
3 Gao Xuyun

FIB competitors
1 Lu Hong
2 Dong Kunjiang
3 Wei Quansheng

FIC competitors
1 Sheng Xinpu
2 Liao Jun
3 Gao Yuan