SEN 2516 - Colo(u)rs, skills and AZ

Table of Contents – SEN 2516

Colo(u)rs, skills and AZ

  1. Colo(u)red Thinking
  2. Latest CIAM Flyer and skills


Colo(u)red Thinking

From: Chris Edge

Santa SEN, 

In answer to your query in your recent organ I was told that Brown
Material Road was named after a store called 'Brown's Materials' (or
similar) that used to be sited on that road in the past. The store sold,
er, materials for the local oil industry and latterly May '99 rubber and
haggis for passing international sportsmen. 


Latest CIAM Flyer and skills

This is a high level document that talks about the latest in building models and the skills that might be needed to take advantage of today’s technology.

While these skills may not be the same as were needed 50 years ago, they are never the less important skills that can be of great use in today’s world.

In the skills dept seen on Facebook pictures from the workshop of Lauri Malila, F1A and F2B flyer. He works in the Swiss watch industry. Certainly pictures of machining a custom servo mount to squeeze servos and other parts into the close confines of a F1A pod look like they are the parts of fine watch and credit to Lauri’s craftsmanship. Setting an example for all including the “factories”.


The weather forecast for our contest had not looked good for more than a week which resulted in very few flyers from other states making the trip to Eloy this year. When I arrived on the Webster West Field Friday morning the ground was wet and sticky and it was only 55 deg..
Saturday had much better weather than predicted with the wind out of the S or SW, never more than 5mph. In F1A Jasminka Pecenkovic and Jim Farmer were clean after 5 rounds – Jasminka won the fly-off. In F1Q Ben Tarcher and Jack Murphy maxed out the 5 rounds. In the fly-off Ben flew first and got very high, and because of the low wind velocity his model could be seen circling overhead for a very long time (25min?), going higher and higher – the radio d/t was not working. Jack flew a bit later and he also made the 5min. fly-off max. Because Ben’s model was not found for some time Jack was then the only one flying the 2nd fly-off flight and won F1Q.
Sunday’s flying started out with a temperature just below 50 deg. and a wind of 7mph out of the SSW. Before the start of the next round the wind increased and there were gusts of more than 18mph. I then delayed the start of the 2nd round. At 1pm when there were some lulls in between the 12+mph wind the flying in the FAI mini events resumed. In order to keep the F1S models in sight longer the motor run was reduced to 5 seconds for the last 4 rounds. George Morris won F1S and John Clapp, all the way from Pennsylvania, won F1G.

Peter Brocks, FAI CD