SEN 2479 - Link to Official JWC numbers and Farewell to Dougie

Table of Contents – SEN 2479

Link to Official JWC numbers and Farewell to Dougie

  1. Now here JWC Official Results
  2. Doug Rowsell R.I.P.
  3. USA Team Selection - Finals with performance rounds – an implementation
  4. Looking for Blue Kavan 10x4 Props


Now here JWC Official Results

The Junior World Champs organizer has now posted the results online

Doug Rowsell R.I.P.

From: Leslie Farkas

With great sadness we have to inform all the friends of Doug Rowsell that he unexpectedly passed away. He was a pillar in our modeling community and he will be dearly missed.

The Toronto Freeflight Group


USA Team Selection
Finals with performance rounds – an implementation

From: Aram Schlosberg
I’m perfectly aware that those who are preparing for the October finals really don’t want to be bothered now with another variant. But there is a better Final’s configuration using a two-day format and this is a sneak review.
In both cases, each event the Finals will be flown over two flying days. The same cross timing by those who fly other events applies. Each day will have 5 standard rounds with 4-minutes maxes on the first and fifth round.
Now to the variant. Assessing a flyer’s performance should be an essential part of a free flight Finals. So instead of flyoffs each day to select a winner, there will be one and hopefully two performance rounds, with 6-minute maxes, flown within a 7-minute flying windows and held within 90 minutes of sunset or within 30 minutes from sunrise – flown by ALL flyers. In other words, to make the team all finalists would fly the regular rounds and the performance rounds each day.
Now to the scoring “mechanics”. Because we are comparing flights flown on different days, absolute drops are distortive. (We do already to select a combined winner over the two flying days for this reason.)
So, the aggregate time each day (over the regular and performance rounds) for each flyer are ranked. Those who max out both phases that day get a rank of one; those with the smallest drops get ranks 2 then 3 etc. Ties share the lower ranking. Those who don’t post time get a rank of N+1, where N is the number of flyers who post time that day. Therefore dropping say 10 seconds in the regular rounds is equivalent to the same drop in the performance rounds.
A separate ranking is applied to the regular and performance flights on day 2. The SUM of each flyer’s ranks over two days determines who makes the team. So flnalists make 12 - 14 flights, similar to the old 14-round format, but with the significant difference of the incorporation of performance flights and using ranks – instead of absolute times.
(The lowest possible sum of ranks is 2. So, if there are more than 3 flyers with a rank of 2 after the first performance round on the second day, the CD can increase the max of the second performance round that day.)
A performance-ranking Finals will hopefully replace the current format. The draw backs of the current Finals is that only flyers who max-out have their performance assessed tangentially and the big luck factor in choosing a team member based on a single flying day. No other country relies on a single role of the dice to select a team member. ///



Looking for Blue Kavan 10x4 Props

From: George Voss

I borrowed the above prop from a fellow modeler and broke it.  I need to
replace and no other prop will do.  If you have one or 6 of these available
in your prop stash or know someone that does, please let me know ASAP as I'd
like to find this needle in the haystack to return to my buddies good side!

George is at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.