SEN 2480 - Rock your F1Q SET while trying to figure out what SEN means

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Rock your F1Q SET while trying to figure out what SEN means

  1. 53rd Rocky Mountain FF Champs
  2. Thanks for the JWC Coverage
  3. Freeflight blog F1Q
  4. About SEN


53rd Rocky Mountain FF Champs


From: Don DeLoach  

In exactly 14 days the Rocky Mountain FF Champs will commence in Denver, Colorado, September 1-2-3.

Come fly with us on 35 (yes, thirty-five) square miles of high plains beauty, with no crops or water hazards and virtually unlimited motorcycle chasing in all directions!

There's three full days of flying, including a full lineup of FAC, OT, NFFS, FAI and AMA events. For you points chasers, we're America's Cup and National Cup *exempt*.

See you in Denver,

Don DeLoach

P.S. Entry forms are at, and note the $10 discount for pre-entry expires 8/31! PLEASE pre-enter...thanks

Thanks for the JWC Coverage

From: Pat & Allen Ulm

Thanks for your coverage!

A thanks from proud grand parents, that express the feeling of many who could not be at the JWC, and it somehow got lost in the SEN machine but we are including it now. – Great on the field reporting by Bob Stalick and the guys


Freeflight blog F1Q

By: Kertész Gábor

This blog, mentioned on the F1Q group on FB, has very interesting information for the F1G flyer including how to make and calibrate a SET (the device for testing the energy allocation)

About SEN

This is SEN, short for SouthernCaliforniaAeroTeam Electronic News. The SouthernCaliforniaAeroTeam is a model airplane club that is dedicated to FAI class free flight model airplanes and so is this electronic newsletter. SEN replaces Scatter, SCAT’s original newsletter. SCAT was founded over 50 years ago by a group of dedicated free flight flyers who believed that the FAI events should be flown to the rules and not with some “local rules” that benefitted certain selected and privileged people
It is published on a frequent but irregular basis. There is no charge for getting it. A few nice people make donations to help defray the costs. It can be read online at or you can have it emailed to you.
We welcome contributions from all our readers about all aspects of FAI free flight model airplanes. Contributions include, notices of upcoming events, results, individual items for sale, information about new product and services of interest to our readers, suggestions about rules changes, discussions or comments on new technologies. Over 1000 people get each issue and they are in about 40 countries world wide.

The articles and opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of the editor or SCAT club members.
We do not publish pictures or plans , although you can include links to them. Ideally material for inclusion should be formatted fairly simply. An article with complex formatting is more likely to get messed up when included in SEN. Results of contests should be submitted in a Microsoft Excel file.

Remember that for many of the readers English is a second language. Also it most important to exchange information so sometimes there will be errors of spelling or grammar, this is not a problem and we are more interested the ideas and information rather than how it is written.

While the main interest of SEN is FAI class free flight we publish items of information about of all classes of free flight and subjects that we think will be of interest to our readers. An important aspect of FAI Free Flight is innovation and new ideas so looking at what people are doing in other branches of our hobby/sport is always a good idea. Recently some people have complained about us including reference to non FAI events, we appreciate that our hobby is very diverse so we use editorial judgment that this information is of interest to some of our readers.

Preparing SEN is a lot of work and it is made easier by us just cutting and pasting the information that you send. If you make a mistake and need to correct something be sure to resend us the entire corrected item and we will republish it in the next issue. Never just send fixes to the incorrect article and ask us to make it right, we don't know what you think is right, you have to do that. Similarly if an article you wrote got messed when included in SEN you are welcome to reformat it it more simply and we will include the re-structured piece in the next issue. If you have sent several versions of an article and you think we published the wrong one, do not ask us to publish the right one, just sent it us again.

If you are selling an item, be sure to tell people how to get in touch with you. It is a good idea to say what city and country you live in. Remember we will print the Advertisement as you write it, we are not you ad copy writer.
As a general matter of course we publish the name of the person who wrote the article. There are very few people, one less since the death of Martyn Cowley aka Biggles, when we use a nom de plume. Typically unattributed articles are written by the editorial staff.

We use a service provider to manage the server used to host our web site and another to run the mailing engine. This means that some people will get their SEN quite some time before others, seeing there are almost 1000 people on the mailing list. Also from time to time you email provider may think that SEN is spam this could cause SEN to be bounced and eventually automatically unsubscribed. If this happens you can go to the link at the end of the SEN mailing and re-subscribe yourself.

If you change your e-mail address you can also use that link to change the address, Asking us to change it for you will delay getting it done.