SEN 2604 - More on the motels, Harvesting again, first for 2020

Table of Contents – SEN 2604

More on the motels, Harvesting again, first for 2020

1. Message from Day’s Inn at Lost Hills
2. September Free Flight Contest at Barron Field, Wawayanda, NY
3. SEN 2603 and the Motels
4. First of 2020 ?

Message from Day’s Inn at Lost Hills

Good afternoon Janna VanNest! This is the front desk coordinator at Days Inn over in Lost Hills, CA. I am reaching out to give you an exclusive rate for the people participating in the model aviators. Starting price of $89.99 for a single queen bed and $109.99 for two queen beds. In order to book this special rate we've created a unique code which they will need to mention when booking. It's super important that they don't leave the code out and must book within this time frame beginning 09/01/2019-09/15/2019. Call or email us anytime for any further questions or concerns. we look forward to hearing from you! CODE: F1KOTUKU
14684 ALOMA ST.
PO BOX 295
PHONE: (661) 797-2371
FAX: (661) 797-2021
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editor’s Note – Check with them to make sure the rooms are available on the days you need.  Note the time frame to book.

September Free Flight Contest at Barron Field, Wawayanda, NY

From:Andrew Barron

Dear Free Flight Friends,

I attach here the announcement from the Contest Director John Clapp of the
Harvest Classic Free Flight Meet September 14 and 15 in Wawayanda, NY, for
Americas Cup and National Cup free flight events.  The announcement is
edited to fit on one page and to show the E-20 event John wished to
announced, and to show that the gas combined event welcomes all three
formats (AMA Gas, Classic Gas and NFFS Nostalgia).  Hope to see many of you

As a side note, last weekend were held three World Cup meets Friday,
Saturday, Sunday at Krbava Field, Croatia.  This is one of the World's best
sites and the location of the 2009 World Champs.  Three meets in three days
is a unique physical challenge.  I was pleased to max out and be in the
flyoff for all three days (finishing fifth twice, though well below the
winners times).


Sat 9/14/19-Sunday 9/15/19
LAT: 41.328  LON: 74.475  SANCTION  #9021
CONTEST  STARTS: SATURDAY  9/14/19 AT 10 am-5:00 pm.
F1B sr & open,4 RDS(3 MIN) SAT 10:00,1 RD SUN START 7:30AM 5min max 5th RD, ck with CD
F1P,F1C, FIVE 1 HR RDS STARTING 10:00 am. (3 min max) 5th extended max, ck with CD
F1H, F1S   FIVE ROUNDS WITH A 2 MIN MAX   (F/O  5:30 pm)
ELECTRIC A; ELECTRIC B; P-30 jr, sr, open;  MULVIHILL;  HLG jr, sr, open;  CATAPULT GLDR; 1/4A Nostalgia + SAM .020 Replica (Combined).
SUNDAY  9/15/19 AT 7:00/7:15 Dawn Unlimited
7:30 AM F1A jr, sr, open,F1Q, 8 AM START,5 RDS  (1 HOUR RDS) 1ST RD 5MIN, 2nd-5th 3min.
                         **      AMA, NFFS, SAM EVENTS   **                                                       
E-20;E-36; P-30 jr,sr,open; CAT LG; MULVIHILL; ½ A ,AB GAS, Classic GAS, Nos GAS Combined; PeeWee 30; 1/4A Nostalgia + SAM .020 Replica (Combined).
    **These events can be flown either day, but must be completed on the same day
$25 entry fee covers one event $30 covers all events. JUNIORS $5:00/SR $10 (COVERS ALL)
 Contact :        John Clapp 570 888 0997 (home) 607 854 6680 cell      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    From New York city, take 1-87 to Highway 17 to exit 123 (labeled Middletown), West on 17M for 3.5 miles, to Orange County Rout 12 (at the New Hampton, Town of Wawayanda sign, then turn left, heading South 6.3 miles. After Gardnersville Road, The Barron and Ford fields are on the left. (This takes about one hour from the Tappan Zee Bridge).
From New England and upper New York, take I-84 to exit 3, Rt 17M, go east 1.5miles, then south (right) on County Rt 12 for 6.3 miles. Field is on the left. (about thirty minutes from Newburg).See Brooklyn Scrapers website for additional info.                                

SEN 2603 and the Motels

From:Michael Achterberg

Motels.True about online motel reservations. Especially Motel 6. Way over booked.In
Button Willow, which is 17 miles told Bakersfield, Ca  on Interstate 5 there are multiple motels. Studio 6 is available and the room rates are very good. 2 bed with kitchenette is $56/ nite. Single bed $50/ nite. Actually better shape than Motel6 in Lost Hills. Also, there are the Vagabond, Cal Suits and Inn. A Motel6 and the National 9. I would call where you have reservations and confirm your confirmation number. Make sure you have a room.. Also, one of the best restaurant in the valley is located in Button Willows. Called the Willows.No Dennys!
Editor’s Note : We apologize for the confusion around and options for hotel bookings.  As we don’t have reservations ourselves it is not practical to check on reservations for others. Because there is some question we think it is prudent for people to verify their own arrangement with enough time to do something if there is a problem.

And BTW there is the Willow Ranch that does BBQ-SCAT uses them for the America’s Cup Banquet these days, Starbucks for the Starbuckistas and an Indian restaurant that we ate at years ago and was good then, don’t know about now.

First of 2020

In the pipline with official details to follow.  A World Cup event is planned for the New Zealand Nats on 2 Jan 2020 (Subject to sanction approval).  The NZ Nats are a week long event at the beginning of January  with all classes of all kinds of Model Aviation.  The FAI FF days is 2 Jan.  The year the Nats will be held at Carterton that is about 80 km north of Wellington. This is  farming country not far from Martinborough a major wine producing area.  The Free Flight site is sheep farm with gently rolling grass. Retrieval on foot is easy. This is partly at the request of some Australian F1C flyers who figured that going across the ditch* to NZ is a whole cheaper than any other international travel to a World Cup event. (The ditch is a term used both New Zealand and Australia to refer to the 1000 plus miles of Tasman Sea that separates the two countries.)  Organizer is Rob Wallace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.