SEN 2591 – Lost Hills and a Puzzle going back to the Dino

SEN 2591 – table of Contents

Lost Hills and a Puzzle going back to the Dino

1. Entries for the World Cup Events in the USA in October 2019
2. Lost Hills Road Construction
3. Lost Hills Retrieval Vehicles
4. The climb is no flop
5. F1S / E-36 transition
6. Other Lost Hills Events - USFFC
7. This Vidas, that Vidas then the Dino

Entries for the World Cup Events in the USA in October 2019

SEN had received some questions about these events.
On the AMA World Champs Web site there are pre-entry forms for the 2 World Cup events Sierra Cup and Kotuku Cup and associated mini events. This includes the F1E events to be held on Holloway Hill. All contestants, International and USA should pre-enter using those forms. Some entry for these events on the field will be possible BUT there will be a large number of participants, typically at World Cup events associated with a World Champs there are over 100 participants in the F1A and F1B classes with a goodly number in F1C and F1Q so if you try to enter on the field you may have trouble getting your first round flight in. The CDs of thee event Mike Mc Keever and Brian van Nest will be at the
The organizers will issue both AMA affiliate license and Lost Hills Association membership for the month of October only at no additional cost.  This is for both World Champs team members and any one traveling with the international group.  

It is only necessary to pay the entry fees for the competitions."
There is a third World Cup Event in Nevada after the World Champs. There is information about this on the AMA web site. You should pre-enter this event by emailing the organizer. The contact information is on the web site.

Lost Hills Road Construction
Recent we visited Lost Hills for a trimming session. The field is in good condition but with the high temperatures the grass is brown.

For some time there had been a major construction at the Lost Hills I-5 exit and on hwy 46 in both directions towards Wasco and Lost Hills township. This incudes major changes to the I-5 entry and exits and general street rebuilding and widening. This as caused some disruption during spring but the work should be finished by October.

Lost Hills Retrieval Vehicles

A number of people have inquired about arrangements for retrieval vehicles.  The organizers are not making any arrangements to provide retrieval vehicles. 

In the past many sportsman have rented golf carts from
All Carts
1636 S Union Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Phone: (661) 836-9800

They have a number of different models , 2 and 4 seater, with or without awning and a model that looks like a tiny truck. In recent years International visitors to Lost Hills have found these carts a very satisfactory retrieval vehicle and safer, more practical and reliable than motocycles some have used in the past.

All Carts charge by the day with discounts for longer periods.  They also charge to transport the carts to Lost Hills.


The climb is no flop

From: Rick Pangell

I'm glad Aram was surprised at the climb-flop transition of Tapio Linkosalo’s S/E36.  I didn't think anything surprised him (!) but he is after all a very observant person.I have also observed that with my E36 when it climbs near vertical too.  And, my indoor and sometimes my outdoor CLG's do that.  Mostly because they are trimmed near 0-0 in the climb and I use ballast to trim the glide.  They are probably not a true 0-0 but maybe 1 degree at the most.I think what Aram observed is the high speed climb which does not always lend itself to a climb into glide transition at steep climb angles.  What about with shorter engine runs and high power to weight ratios.  The models can be relatively light to the climb speed that a flop over transition actually works!  Since the goal is a high altitude transition, this might be something to consider for the future?  Maybe a high powered F1Q?  When you think about it, maybe the folder transitions are similar?
Aram... good insight.

Rick Pangell - NFFS Central VP
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado


F1S / E-36 transition

From:Tapio Linkosalo


In SEN 2590, Aram S. wrote about his observations of my F1S model
transition from climb to glide. Interesting to read others views about that
thing, gets a new perspective!

Anyway, as I see it, the flight pattern (with RH climb and LH glide) is
rather similar to that of a CLG or TLG glider flight. The climb goes in
steep, almost vertical spiral. As the motor cuts, it is important for the
transition, that the attitude of the model is banked to the right. This
results in a sideslip, which rolls the model to the left while nose drops,
and if everything goes right, the model ends up quite in the gliding
attitude with possibly only a minor stall or even no stall at all.

For my model, this requires a good battery that can provide enough power
throughout the climb. I have noticed, that if the battery fades towards the
end of the climb, then the model rolls too much to the left, looses the
bank to the right and goes into "pull up -> slow down -> drop right wing ->
roll left -> pull up" -pattern. This typically ends, when motor cuts, in
attitude without the right bank, and several stalls. So, strong battery is

Even though it looks like the climb pattern is almost vertical, I think
there is an element of spiral involved. I have found out that any issues in
the climb, the first cure is to reduce the decalage. That seems to make the
climb pattern easier to sort out. Once the decalage is small enough, slight
adjustments of thrust line (more or less to the left) are used to fine-tune
the pattern. My CoG is ~65% of the root rib width, but with back-raked
leading edge at the tips, the actual CoG is slightly more to the aft. My
decalage is around 1.5 degrees, so I gather that the longitudinal setup is
quite typical. And of course light extremeties (wing tips and tail) help to
make the model more agile and recover quicky from non-ideal attitudes!

My model indeed glides to the left. When I started trimming my first
"Puzzle" model, I tried to make the glide to the right as is the climb. But
it needed horrendous amounts of tail tilt. As the model seemed more happy
to glide to the left, I let it go that way. Only a slight amount of tail
tilt is needed and the turn is easily adjusted with the amount of tilt. I
have a sub rudder under the tailplane, and it is a flat plate, dead
straight. The model seems to be easily trimmed without any adjustable
rudder, so I let it go like that.


Other Lost Hills Events - USFFC

At the same time as the World Cup events at Lost Hills before the World Champs, there will another event also at Lost Hills called the US Free Flight Champs. This event will have a different flight line from the FAI events. This is a contest for most of the non-FAI classes that are flown in the USA, there are many classes flown over several days. Very popular ones include a Hand launch and catapult glider, p-30, E-36, Mulvihill rubber, AMA Power, various old timer and vintage classes. This is a link for the flyer for this contest. No pre-entry is required for this event. The flyer includes contact information for the organizer if you need further clarification.



This Vidas, that Vidas then the Dino

From Greg Stewart and others

I just received an F1J that had been fabricated by Vidas Nikolajevas from Lithuania likely in 1998 or there-about. It came without any instructions/3-view and was missing the vertical tail and any associated hardware. It also may be missing VIT/Bunt hardware, I'm not sure it originally came with any. He had sold it to a Bill Neighbors in Chattanooga, TN.I have heard that Vidas may have moved to Ontario Canada in the intervening time and has been active in the local Freeflight scene. Do you know of him or know him? If so, can you check with him if it is ok and provide his current email or snail-mail address? OR forward mine to him?I'm trying to find out a few details about this F1J that may have been from him. I am looking for the dimensions of the vertical (and any other apparent details) along with any included instructions/3-view and info on what hardware came with it.TIA!
Greg Stewart
Mississippi, USA

As many know Vidas Nikolajevas was in business with Vidas Dimavicius as W- Hobby And Vidas D is still running that business but the business is mainly involved with F1A models and parts. Vidas N left Lithuania and Vidas D now runs the business.
Vidas N remembers -W-Hobby has never  produced complete F1J models or complete F1J kits. The only products in F1J line we had were the wings and perhaps the stabs (not 100% sure anymore on stabs). The wings were originally manufactured by special order for one Michael Achterberg to fit his F1J design, with his permission using the parts and rigs that we had we produced and sold quite a few of those wing sets. I believe we had the complete F1J drawings from Mr. Achterberg, but there is no way I can get it for you now-

It probably would be easier to obtain the plans from Mr.Achterberg himself…

so it all goes back to Mike the Dino