SEN 2588 - Bee Flying & Nordics online beyond the edge and over the hill

SEN -2588 Table of Contents

Bee Flying & Nordics online beyond the edge and over the hill

1. Flying with Lost Hills Bees - Re: SEN 2587 aka Bee Ranching and Rustling
2. Scandinavien Free Flight Week – Results
3. the Press is beyond the edge
4. Monti Lessini Competition Results - Not

Flying with Lost Hills Bees - Re: SEN 2587 aka Bee Ranching and Rustling
From: Jim Lueken
From personal experience...
White clothing can make bees think you’re a man made bee hive. Some years ago at Lost Hills my white SUV was covered with bees. I had on a white shirt which had the bees chasing me around.

Just sayin...

Editor’s Note

Bees are important to the orchards near the Lost Hills flying site and the owners rent bees during the right part of the year to do the pollination. At the end of the year about 2019 World Champs time, it is Almond and Pistachio harvest time so the bees are not needed for pollination. Sometimes the bee “ranchers” have parked/hidden their bees at Lost Hills to stop them from being stolen (by the rustlers). The contest management works with the bee ranchers to remove them at non-critical farming times when there are a lot of people at our Lost Hills flying site.

That being said as Jim remarks above the bees are attracted to “bright” colors. Like Jim I wear a long sleeved light weight shirt for sun protection , except that mine is a boring light khaki color not a shining white like Jim wears so the bees go after Jim not me. So if you have one of those slinky black models invisible models you are OK but a bright one the timekeepers can see ….(just joking)

Scandinavien Free Flight Week - Results

From : Steffen Jensen Roger,

The Scandinavian competitions are coming up, and if anybody wants to follow the 3 competitions live, then use these links:

Swedish Cup:

Danish Cup:

Norwegian Cup:



The press is beyond the edge

Just got my July 2019 Aeromodeller – good practical E-36/F1S article by long time SEN reader, writer, commentator, etc Chris Edge aka Edge of Beyond. No chicken or haggis in this article


Monti Lessini Competition Results
From: William Damerell
Hallo Roger,


could the results of last weekends F1E competition in Monti Lessini be
published in Sen pls or could you provide me with a link to it pls.

Thank you very much for the SEN publication- It is very informative and
informs all over the world.


Kind regards, In Free-Flight, 

William Damerell.


Ps I have developed my Hobby DB quite well now and  offer it to modellers
who are interested in keeping a diary of their modelplane details, successes

Editor’s Comment

William, we publish all the results we get and a few others too. We don’tr chase after events like the one you are asking about. We believe it is important to publish on line . Some complain about our hobby is “not as good as it used to be and numbers are down”. While some of this can be attributed to some of the “bad” things of modern life. We need to take advantages of the “modern” ways of communicating and sharing good and useful information about our events. It is the responsibility of the event organizer’s to share that information.