SEN 2587

SEN 2587

1. World Champs Bulletin 2
2. Skyscraper’s Annual, June 15-16

World Champs Bulletin 2

Bulletin2 for the 2019 World Champs just out at


Skyscraper’s Annual, June 15-16
By Aram Schlosberg

Saturday, June 15, was a blowout, which deterred a number of flyers from attending. However, the extended Ulm family drove up from Virginia as well as the Andriukoves and Dave Rounsville. B flew a single round with a 2:30 max and after a number of postponements it was decided to continue flying early on Sunday.
On Sunday, flyers showed at 5:30 am and it was very calm. (The calm after the storm.) The first B flight was 6-minute max, followed by three 3-minute maxes flown back to back. Since there was a two way tie, we held an altimeter flyoff, measuring the height at 2 minutes, won by Alex Andriukov. (No timers were required and we both used the Simplicity eTimer with an in-built altimeter.) The A flyers started flying at 8 am and the minis at 9 am as advertised. A nice performance by Adelaide Ulm who straight towed lead to a post contest discussion about coaching circle towing.