SEN 2581 -

Table of Contents –SEN 2581 

1.  FFn is 50
2.  Salonta Thanks
3.  Srem Cup

FFn is 50

The June 2019 issue off celebrated 50 years of publication. The first issue in May of 1969, that is 600 issues!.
This issue recounts some major FF events over the years. Great credit to Ian Kaynes for sticking at for all that time and providing a valuable resource and service. Ian has been helped other in the past, I remember Paul Masterman and Michael Warren , probably others too. Also thanks to those who wrote articles and provided plans.

Salonta Thanks


From: Dacian Pustea

Dear all, 
Thank you for being part at Salonta Cup and Szobo Miklos Cup!! Thank you for all you fair play and sportivity!! Expecting you next year!

Dacian Pustea

Editor’s Comment
Dacian’s comments on fair play refers to F1A in the Szobo Miklos Cup Ron Asmuss of Germany was initially declared the winner but Ron realized that the time keeper must have made a mistake, possibly timing the wrong model in difficult conditions. This sporting action moved Ron down to 6 th place and the new top 3 are Per FINDAHL, Anton Gorsky and Aviv BALASSIANO.

Srem cup

It appears that the site used by the Srem Cup is flooded and may not dry out in time for the June date. The plan is to move it to another field in July. If you are planning on attending check with the organizers.