SEN 2573 - From Russia, flying tight circles to So Ca

SEN 2573

From Russia, flying tight circles to So Cal

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More from Russia

From Ron Felix

Hi Roger,

Since Ismet Yurtseven left Nartkala before F1C took place, and thus would not have obtained this information, I thought I would send you the results from this event. The spread sheet is from the organizers recent posting on their Russian website. I translated this, and then copied this onto a Microsoft Word Document using the tables function. Hopefully, you can easily deal with this for publication.

Next, three other items of interest:

Andrew Ridges is not a real person – the name is a Russian/English machine translation of Andrei Khrebtov! For your information, he is a very notable F1B flyer - having been part of the development team for one of the first feathering DPR front ends, and later its manufacture.

During the event, Sergey Makarov made a video of the Naloev Cup F1C event. This you can see on DropBox at the following link to watch the event, and get a sense of the field.

Following up on your questions of who goes to Nalchik (capital city of the Kabardino Balkaria Republic) for the Elbrus and Naloev Cup competitions, I have met, seen, or heard of the following sportsmen: Jari Valo – Finland, Valentin Savov – Bulgaria, Albert Banin – Khazakstan, and on this visit, Artur Khudoyan – Armenia.

Following up on who goes there, let me offer you the following. My first trip to a Russian competition was in Suzdal, north of Vladimir City, almost three years ago - (a half completed plan of Laddie Horak’s). At that event, I was told that I was the very first American to fly free flight on Russian soil, and furthermore, the very first Westerner – that is to their knowledge. (Note: In discussions with Peter Allnutt, he told me that quite some time ago, maybe a generation back, he took part in a competition in Russia that was held in Orel).

My planning for the first trip began at Suzdal, when I was told of the Nalchik competitions (held in Nartkala/Kahun), which were described as “paradise” by one glider flyer from Ulan Ude – Ron, you have to go there! My trip to Nalchik this time was my third. I can say that these are very top level competitions - excellent organization with a fifty (50) year history of competitions being held there and very well run by the Naloev family and their team), along with excellent amenities. The field is large, very good, and you can retrieve by compass fairly easily for most flights if you choose. There is open ground in many directions that allows 3km + retrievals, for the six, eight and longer rounds when needed. In addition, there are very many top level competitors to fly against. Last but not least, the organizers, competitors, and the people in Nalchik and Nartkala are very hospitable, kind, and generous in many ways. I cannot say enough about all of them.

In summary, very nice people, excellent organization, excellent field, spectacular scenery on clear days, challenging but not overly difficult weather - and very many top level competitors to compete against.


DT Fly off

From: Gil Morris


The DT flyoff is , I suppose, okay for the present. But don't get too
comfortable with it. I expect the next big thing to be tailess flying
wings.These birds can turn on a dime and thermal efficiently in small
circles whereas the present breed of FAI models circle efficiently only
when flying nearly straight, resisting thermals.  DTing will be by


Local So Cal news
Lost Hills flash

Grass--- just about all brown--- seeds, seeds, seeds as we knew would happen--- it did rain last week but it did not green up the grass. Taking your gaiters for the San Valeers next weekend

Perris Update

Free Flight launch area – grass mowed, organized by SCAMPS, thanks. Rest of the field over grown and/or over mulched. Tracker or GPS strongly advised for airplane that flys any distance. Hal Cover’s drone find-your-airplane has worked well. Now people want Hal to upgrade the drone to make it a flying crane to bring the model back after it find it .


From Roger Willis FAC

I received a call from Jo Primbs that Charlie had passed away last week. Many of you, in Southern California , knew Charlie as an avid free flight flyer and a very kind and giving person. Charley had a wonderful background in aviation and was always available to answer difficult trimming questions. He helped many of us when we were newbies. Jo has planned a Memorial Service for Charlie at Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside on Saturday, May 11th at 9:30AM.Our deepest condolences to Jo and all of his family.....

Roger Willis