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More Results from Russia

  1. NALOEV CUP 2019 -  F1A Day, Unoffical Results
  2. F1B Results

NALOEV CUP 2019 -  F1A Day, Unoffical Results

From: Ismet Yurtseven


Good evening from Kabardino-Balkaria region of Russia. Today (April 10, 2019) is the F1A contest day of Naloev Cup 2019.

The contest started at 9:00 am. There were 5 standard rounds (240+180+180+180+240). There were 70 sportsmen where 15 of them were Juniors. There were 18 sportsmen in first flyoff and only three in second flyoff. Until first flyoff, weather was good.

First flyoff started at 5:00 pm. Sky was totally cloudy, temperature was low. Wind was from south-east to north-west at about 3 m/s. As it can be seen from the results, it was a hard flyoff round. It was unlucky time for Anton Gorsky. He missed the second flyoff by 8 seconds and placed four.

Second flyoff time was 6:00 pm. Mikhail Kosonozhkin did some test starts just before flyoff. All starts were not less than 110 meters with a perfect transition to glide.

Second flyoff opened at 6:00 pm.  Sky was totally cloudy, temperature was low. Wind was from south-east to north-west at about 3 m/s. We were feeling cold. It was impossible to feel any thermal activity on the ground level.

Alexander Kornushenko and Mikhail Kosonozhkin were using D-Box constructed LDA models without flapper. Young flier Alim Naloev was using classical airfoil model with mechanical timer.

After a few cycling, Alexander Kornushenko made a good start. The altitude was about 100 meters. The model started to fly in wind going far and up.  Mikhail Kosonozhkin followed Alexander Kornushenko. Start was not so good, bunt was not vertical and after bunt, model dived to right. Model stabilized about 90 meters and started to glide west. The air was not carrying the model.

Alim Naloev cycled the model until to the end of the round. After his start, the model was about 75 meters. The glide was perfect and the model started to go up and up.

After a very careful time keeping by experienced time keepers, champion announced: Alexander Kornushenko

Alim Naloev performed very well today. He showed that the classical models with mechanical timer still have the chance to win against strong competitors with very high tech models.

I apologize for any mistake.
With my regards,
Ismet Yurtseven


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