SEN 2657 - A Cutting Edge trip to China via Wayanda and Munice

Table of Contents – SEN 2567

A Cutting Edge trip to China via Wayanda and Munice

  1. China trip report
  2. The Cutting Edge
  3. Some Barron Field Contest dates and a Nats Invitation


My China trip.

From: Brian Van Nest 

My China trip.
It started when I landed in Beijing and was warmly greeted by Xinpu Sheng.
We spent the next two days with some grueling sightseeing.
Including the Great Wall , the Summer Palace ,temple of heaven ,Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city .

Then we drove about seven hours to Xuchang where we spent 5 days test flying.

This field was 2 km in a circular fashion and very good ground for running and landing. The Chinese are working on a automatic timing device which we tested and looks promising.
The competition site was near Wen Xian near the yellow river.

The contest director was Yuan Gao And did an excellent job during some trying conditions.
F1a 18 ea entries 
F1B 16 ea entries 
F1C 7ea entries
F1H 10 ea entries
F1G 14 ea entries
It was decided that in f1a we would use DT fly off so we use two minutes and my score was 156 and 2nd Pl. was 142.

In F1H we also use DT fly off with 60 seconds max but the results were very interesting.
1st place 82.20
2nd place 81.69 ( me)
3rd place 81.20
The DT fly off was presented by Xinpu and all participants agreed it was the right thing to do.

The Chinese model flyers are very helpful and caring people.
A lot of pictures with this American man. ( me). With fond memories.

Brian Van Nest

Editor's comment. Both Brian and Yuan Gao posted photos on FB.

and I was looking forward to see Brian'a name written in Chinese - but they cheated and had it in Roman charaters :-)

The Cutting edge

From: Jan Somers


Treet Carbon Steel Razor Blades

I could not find them on <>.

Is a link available?

Thank you,

Jan Somers
The Netherlands

Editor’s Comment

Part of the description in the last SEN was copied from the Amazon post. It is possible that you could not see it because you are in the Netherlands.

It turns out that Treet make a whole variety of razor blades, the ones we use are typically carbon steel. The “modern” top of the lines ones are stainless but they bend when used in a razor plane.

The Amazon blades are actually sold by the Razor Blades Club and this is the link to that blade on their site Looking at this site who knew there was such a big choice.

And here is the Amazon link that showed the blades to me.


Some Barron Field Contest dates and a Nats Invitation

From: Andrew Barron

Free Flight Friends,

Attached please find a list of contest dates from the SkyScrapers for
Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY.  See the Brooklyn Skyscrapers free flight
web site for more particulars and directions to the field.  Note that the
field activity begins tomorrow (Sunday April 7) with a work day.  Suggested
arrival time for the work day is 9:30am.

Also take note that the U.S. National Championships in Muncie, Indiana will
be August 5 through 9.  I have been appointed the overall contest director
and I am looking for volunteers to serve a day with scorekeeping and
processing or to run an FAI event (F1A,B,C,G,H,J,P,S) or a glider pen event
(such as HLG, CAT or an Old-Timer glider event).

Please let me know of your interest by email reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or text to +1 203-997-5229.

Andrew Barron

Contest dates

Luncheon April 6

Work day April 7

Record trials- Second Sunday of the month starting May 12 thru November 10.

Hatschek International Challenge May - 18-19 .
CD Dave Acton   FAC Vic Nippert CD

Skyscrapers Annual - June 15-16. CD Dave Acton

Bob Morris Memorial- July 13-14