SEN 2563 - Not so bad when chasing with an ATV

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Not so bad when chasing with an ATV

ATV for sale

Whoops – not as bad as I thought

From: Gliderbohm

Hey Roger,

I have flown at Perris MANY times over the last 3 months with no real problems. Just two weeks ago I was there on a Wed, some small puddles, some water in the canal, but nothing very bad. Road in had some muddy areas but there were workarounds that were easy. There have been many people flying there over the past 3 months.
Rained here like crazy this morning!

Editor’s comment … and the sun is shinning with a breeze today so it will help ….
(and Stan does not use an ATV)

ATV for sale

From: Norm Furutani

Hi guys!
I got a new chase bike with the promise to Ginny I would sell one of my 
other toys. So I have up for sale, a 2006 Honda TRX250 quad. It’s in 
very nice condition and ready to go. 5 speed, shaft drive, combination 
auto/manual clutch. I’m looking for $2500, but the flier friendly price 
will be $2200. Here’s a link to the full specs and a pic:

It’s a great chase vehicle, but you will need a trailer, truck or full 
size van to transport.

Norm Furutani
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 310.323.1943