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MM Results

  1. MaxMen 2019 Results
  2. Excellent Photos
  3. Tribute to Bill Gieskieng

MaxMen 2019 Results

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Excellent Photos

From: Sergey Makarov

Thank you very much for excellent photos, Malcolm. GOOD JOB! I see it and really deep into Lost Hills 2019 atmosphere again!



Tribute to Bill Gieskieng

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 As many of you know, Mr Marion William (Bill) Gieskieng passed on January 14, 2019.

I would like to post a tribute to bill in the 2019 Symposium.  Bill was an amazing "dreamer" of modelling technology regarding gadgets, the folding wing F1C and many other ideas.  He was one of the original NFFS Digest Editors, in the NFFS Hallof Fame, and was also the husband of noted Annie Gieskieng...  he was always in the background promoting FF and improving the sport, but don't let me go on regarding his biography.
I want to hear from each of you who did know Bill, interacted with him or your modeling was affected by him.What I am looking for are one or a few paragraphs in your own words of:   
   - Your memories of Bill regarding modelling, both on and off the field
   - Your impressions of him as a person, a modeler and an innovator
   - Remembering his writings and articles
   - How did he, if any, affect your modelling career and what influences he had on you
   - Words on a personal nature regarding any association you have had with him.
I am looking forward to your replies to consider in the Tribute to Bill so please reply to me, "themaxout" as soon as possible but not later than March 22, 2019 and I would really appreciate it.Because of the potential of so many responses, the sympo editors may only be able to include a dozen or so and not all of them so please understand that.
Thermals!Rick Pangell

Rick Pangell - NFFS Central VP
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado