SEN 2379 - 27 Dec 217

Table of Contents – SEN 2379


  1. Wired Words of Wisdom
  2. 2018 FAI Sporting Code
  3. Need a set of Vasi Mini-Bone F1H-compatible wings



Wired Words of Wisdom


There was an article in the AMA Park flyer magazine talking about possible issues with electric flight. Of course they are talking about R/C flight but much of that talk about applies to Electric free flight too. They cover the idiosyncrasies of ESCs and good practices in soldering connections.  A major difference is that in our (FF) case the ESC is controlled by a timer rather than R/C Tx and Rx . But most timers have analogous feature such as the ability to reverse servo/ESC travel and the concept of open and closed throttle.



2018 FAI Sporting Code


From: Peter Brocks


Hi Roger, this is for SEN – hope to see you at the SWR,  Peter

The 2018 FAI Sporting Code for Free Flight Model Aircraft can now be downloaded from:



Need a set of Vasi Mini-Bone F1H-compatible wings


From:Gregory Stewart


Tail and fuselage ok, mostly looking for wings, but if you have one you aren't flying, I'd be interested!

Greg in Mississippi

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