SEN 1874

Table of Contents - SEN 1874

  1. Ron Pollard
  2. Aringer F1A Hook
  3. Rumpp F1A Hook

Ron Pollard

For those of you who haven't heard Ron Pollard died suddendly of heart failure last Saturday. Ron made it onto the F1B time for the UK many times with his best place at the 1979 Champs in the USA. Ron stopped F1B a few years back but continued flying successfully in the UK domestic events.

from Mike Woodhouse on FB

From FB - Aringer

New F1A  SERVO-hook-system: Opening force can be set between 45 - 110N. This is a relatch hook.
by Gerhard Aringer original works with Aberlenc Timer and will work with Black Magic Timers too. Noevl because it uses flexible carbon beams to sense line tension,

Question -     Tony Mathews Looks very nice! What are you using to sense the pull force?
Answer -     Gerhard Aringer Line force can be set by changing the flex-length between 1st and mid - carbon.
Check the picture of Luca's fuselage
Forces are defined by bending the carbon beams!

Question -   Maarten van Dijk Nice!!! And does it work as expected? I would like to see it some time soon!
Answer -     Gerhard Aringer About 100 starts with out any problem! First contest in Szimovo

From FB - Rumpp

Special F1A hook design by Stefan Rumpp. Under launch conditions, the hook is moved back to compensate for flap movement.
Optimum hook position for towing (flap down) and launching (flap up). To be used with FX10 timer.
A switched version is in the pipeline.
Posted by Allard van Wallene with  photo.
Allard van Wallene And for all those who wonder: I ran out of orange anodizing dye. So it is blue and other colors, not Dutch Orange !

Allard van Wallene  Still looking for a catchy name. Suggestions?
Ken Bauer How about "robo-hook"? ( name needs more work - editorial comment !)
Roger Morrell how do you move it back ? I assume the servo opens the hook? does it move too?
Allard van Wallene Roger, it is a passive system. A clever bracket system (the black C-shaped thing), pulls the front stop backwards under high tow line pull. The servo opens the hook.
Pablo Ysasi Allard Very Good!!! The hook is fully manufactured in 7075?. I can not imagine what it is like working with photos. It would be very interesting to see how it works in a video! Thanks for Share!!!
Allard van Wallene All hook parts are CNC milled from 7075, finished an anodized. Other parts are turned from brass and bronze.
 Pablo Ysasi Allard, the vertical force of the line generates a comprersion on a spring and this same force is used to move the hook backwards?
 Allard van Wallene Pablo: yes, the reactive forces from the towline are re-directed to move the hook back.
Pablo Ysasi Very Intelligent design Mr. Stefan Rumpp !!!

Some editing of original FB text

Roger Morrell