SEN 1900

SEN 1900 - Table of Contents

  1. Retrieval at Boulder City
  2. Competition before the first round
  3. Looking for a 2001 Sympo
  4. Wilbur and Orville Info
  5. Celia Goldberg Trophy

Retrieval at Boulder City

For those who are planning to fly at the Boulder City finals in October, there is a possibility of renting an ATV from an outfit at Henderson (702) 659 8214. Kim, the owner, has fifteen ATV (4-wheelers) in a storage unit not far from the Boulder City dry lake where we are flying. A $300 deposit is required and they rent for about $75 a day. The ATVs could also be delivered to the field.



Competition before the first round.

I have participated in several world Cup competitions last few years, and it seems to be a competition before the start of the first Round. Everybody wants to start early in first round, and also for the rest of rounds. I have participate in contest where it is one timekeeper and 8 competitors, and everybody knows that it will be a fight for start positions. But we cannot accept this type of contests. 
So I ask you all, to think about what we can come up with for better solutions.

I mean that the fliers themselves must take part of the timekeeping. I we make Poles with at least 6 participants; we can make two groups with three persons in each group and one fly and two timing. Then you have 55 minutes or 1 hour for 3 competitors, and you can change who is first round by round. But if you have missed one round you must start last the rest of rounds.
The organizer must try to set up the pole with people from at least two countries, so you always
have two countries in each group. And the official timekeeper can spot-check timing and help to organize the timekeeping in his/hers pole. This is one way that it would be possible, but again I ask you to comment and to suggest other ways to make a better contest without competitions before first round.

  Vegar Nereng.

Looking for a 2001 Sympo

I need a copy of the 2001 Symposium. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wilbur & Orville

Dear Free Flight Friends:

The Wilbur & Orville (Americas Cup, National Cup) will be held at Barron
Field, Wawayanda, New York. Sat & Sun Sep 6-7. Dave Lacey will CD the
Saturday events and Aram will CD the Sunday events.

The FAI events are flown in rounds, with F1G ,H, J, Q Saturday starting at
9:30am and F1A, B, C, P Sunday starting at 7:30am. All are flown in one
hour rounds without overlaps, with the exception of the first round for Q
on Saturday that has a 30 minute overlap. To accommodate the one hour
rounds the CDs can delay starts of rounds in response to flights that may
go off field. Please keep Dave and Aram informed of any retrieval

The AMA/NFFS events are HLG, CAT, Mulvihill, P-30, Dawn Unlimited, E-36,
Electric B, 1/2A, AB Classic Gas/ Nostalgia Gas, Classic Towline, Pee-Wee
30 Gas, 1/4A Nostalgia/.020 Old-time replica. (*AMA Classic and Nostalgia
will be combined. All sizes flown together with appropriate engine run*.)

Dawn Unlimited is flown on Sunday 6:45am to 7am. Except E36, all other
AMA/NFFS events can be flown on either day, from 9am-5pm on Saturday and
8am-3pm on Sunday though there is a preferred day for each for National Cup

E36 will be flown on Sunday in either two formats, to be decided upon by
the E36 fliers. One is the AMA format with 10-second motor runs the first
three flights. The other are five flights with 10-second motor runs,
followed by 5-second motor run flyoffs. On Saturday 5pm there will be an
E36 fun flyoff (5-second motor run, 2-minute max) for a Champaign bottle.

Directions to the field and accommodations can be found on

Looking forward to flying with you over Sep 6-7,

Aram Schlosberg

cell 917-446-3222

Celia Goldberg Trophy


The Chicago Aeronuts will soon be no more than a memory.  We will no longer
sponsor contests.  Our final contest was held this year in Muncie on May 30
- June 1.

An artifact from that contest is the Celia Goldberg trophy
that was awarded annually since 1950 for 1st place in 1/2-A gas.  The names
of  the winners from every year since have been engraved on this piece of
model aircraft history.  To me that is remarkable.   Celia was the mother
of Carl Goldberg, a legend of Free Flight who was the founder of the club.

The trophy has been accepted by the AMA Museum.  They are asking for any
stories about it from people who flew in our annual contest.  Please send
to Maria VanVreede, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Roger Morrell