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  1. The Glass is half full
  2. FAI Rules ?
  3. WADA Changes helpful for geezers
  4. Send those cards


Don't miss this opportunity!

I had once been selected as one of those to be watched by the local WADA rep. Nice people! lots of talk what an old geezer like me can do in "high performance sports". Always told doctors that any prescription must conform to the WADA list. Again talks about my hobby.
At least 20 people in my country have thus heard about free flight ... something completely out of their previous experience!

No problem drinking after a contest, and it sure will not enhance your performance if you do it during one.


Klaus W. Salzer
J.-Hönigsberger-G. 5
2540 Bad Vöslau
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FAI Drug Use Rules

I have puzzled over this for some time.  I am struggling to think of any
drug that a FF Contestant could use that would enhance his contest
performance.  Maybe someone could enlighten me here.  I can understand that
if one was flying IN the aeroplane then drugs to improve reaction time or
endurance could bring an advantage. 

The Drugs in Sport issue came about because of increasing use in those
sports heavily dependant on a Contestant's physical attributes.  This
doesn't apply to Free Flight power classes,  unlikely to have any detectable
affect in rubber powered classes and could possibly have an affect in the
glider classes.  i.e. being able to circle tow for longer, launch harder. 

Has anyone any evidence to support the illicit use of drugs in Free Flight
to enhance performance?  Assuming not, maybe its time for the modelling
community to thank the FAI for their concern but simply say for us it
doesn't apply.


Jon Fletcher

2013 Changes in WADA Prohibited list that affects FAI


Aeronautic (FAI), Boules (CMSB), Bridge (FMB), Ninepin and Tenpin Bowling (FIQ) and Powerboating (UIM) are removed from the list of sports in which beta-blockers are prohibited.

Note this is a "good thing" as Beta Blockers are probably the drug on the list that people are most likely to take for general theraputic reasons

Peter Allnutt Reminder

From Cenny Breeman 

Roger could you please place à reminder

We all know Peter Allnutt. And next month, on 6th March, Peter hopes to celebrate his 80st birthday. As is the case with most old men, he sticks to old  habits.
So Peter eg. does not use a computer, he sticks to pen and paper. Not that there is something wrong with it, but you cannot send him birthday greetings  via Facebook or email and you cannot reach him via telephone because he is always on the field and he has no cellphone of course. But we can reach him via the postoffice. We could send him a real paper birthday card. I am sure he will appreciate it. So lets surprise him. We all send him a card for his birthday. Peter lives at 527 Philippine street, Taft, 93268 CA USA.
Lets fill his mailbox.


Roger Morrell