SEN 1681

Table of Contents - SEN 1681

  1. Eifel Pokal Corrections
  2. NW FAI Additions


Zulpich Corrections -I

Some precisions about 2012 Eifel Pokal :

The 5th in F1A was not Francois Moreau but another Frenchman: Emmanuel Ragot

The 3d in F1B was Gerard Marquois, the 4th was his brother Michel.

In F1C Reinhard flew a geared flapper apparently from BE factory, Gerhard a
homebuilt geared folder, myself an old (2005) homebuilt model, direct drive
and fixed wings.

The printed results were not available at the award ceremony, and for now
are not on the organization website. ( this explains inaccuracies in Ansgar

Anyway it was a good and very pleasant contest;

Thanks to Peter and others for their good job.


Zulpich Corrections - II

Hi Roger,

just to point that Dietrich Sauter flew a LDA 238cm long model in Eiffel
Pokal  flyoff, it is same Kimmo and me have , old first generation LDA 9%



Javier Abad

Zulpich Corrections - III


Correction Eifelpokal, Sauter flew LDA in last fly off.

Regards, Allard

NW FAI Addition

 Could you publish the addition for the NW FAI Challenge

After reading the report on SEN of the NW FAI challenge I see that the F!G class wasn't listed.
So, Voila

F1G  1 Bill Booth             120  120  120  120  120  = 600
         2 Tiffany Odell        120  120  120  120  112  = 592
         3 Walt Ghio            120   120   89  120   120  = 569 
         4 John Buskell         85   100   99    91   106   = 481

CD Pierre Brun

Roger Morrell