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  1. James May and FF
  2. Lateral F1D thinking


Dear Free Flight Flyer,
For your entertainment and inspiration,  the following video from British Television shows free flight at its best on BBC iPlayer. 
Perhaps after viewing you may wish to forward to your friends for their enjoyment.  
Happy Christmas And Peaceful New Year to you all.
Nick Bosdet
Norfolk, UK
The program summary  from BBC
"In this epic Toy Stories Christmas special, James gets to the heart of the nation's childhood love affair with the model plane and sets out to achieve what seems an impossible dream: the first cross-channel flight ever achieved by an engineless, homemade supersized toy. If it survives the perilous 22 mile journey, James's classic toy glider, lovingly built from over 1,000 pieces of balsa, will smash the British distance record.
James's mission is dedicated to making the dream of flight come true for the generations of children who, like James himself, slaved for hours over balsa and glue only to see their fragile and much loved planes smash tragically on to the unyielding concrete of reality.
During his quest James turns Indiana Jones to unearth surprising new evidence that identifies children as the true pioneers of flight and wrestles with an underperforming glider that threatens to barely leave the ground. And what starts as a simple yet noble aim, takes James in many unexpected directions - to a mysterious and barely inhabited island, to helicopters lost in the fog and missing speedboats and what can only be described as the world's first flying coffin for gliders.
Throughout James is beset by a series of dramatic problems requiring inspired solutions, near disaster and breakthrough which culminate in a thrilling and visually stunning last throw of the dice.
Underpinned throughout by James's own infectious passion for flight, a passion he's had since he first put glue to balsa as a ten year old, Flight Club is an epic journey into the unexpected.
        * Broadcast on BBC Two, 9:30PM Sun, 23 Dec 2012
        * First broadcast BBC HD, 9:30PM Sun, 23 Dec 2012
        * Categories
        * Signed,
        * Factual,
        * Children's,
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        * Duration 60 minutes"

Editor's Comments

BBC iplayer programs typically cannot be viewed directly outsdie of the UK, although there are ways of getting around it.
As this program is a BBC product it may be down loadable later.  For those who do not know James May is one of the presenters of the very well known Top Gear program

and there has been some discussion on Hippocket about it at,13343.msg96135/boardseen.html#new or there abouts

Now on You Tube at

and Interest to note that I just got Model aAirplane News electronically who claimed it to be RC and that the BBC said it was Free Flight ... :-)

Great Lateral Thinking by the F1D guys

young thinking guys ...
innovation ...

Roger Morrell