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Table of Contents - SEN 1493

Special Fab Feb Reprint for those who missed parts

  1. Fab Feb Reminder
  2. Ike Winter Classic
  3. Anslemo Zeri Memorial Dutch World Cup
  4. Maxmen International World Cup and Americas Cup Banquet
  5. Lost Hills membership reminder
  6. Lost Hills alternate accomodation

Fab Feb Reminder

Sat Feb 12 Ike and Zeri
Sun Feb 13 Ike and Zeri
Mon Feb 14 Zeri F1E
Tue Feb 15 Cal Cup F1E
Wed Feb 16 Pan American
Thurs Feb 17 - Whew...
Fri Feb 18 - Maxmen
Sat Feb 19 Maxmen + Am Cup Banquet
Sun Feb 20 Maxmen

  1. Make sure you have your AMA membership done
  2. FAI card for World Cup contenders
  3. Have you done your Lost Hill membership
  4. Have you booked your air fare, hotel, rental car? - I cleaned my trailer!
  5. Did you pre-enter for the Anselmo Zeri Menorial
  6. Did you pre-enter for the Maxmen
  7. Are you ready to have a good time at the Isaacson Winter Classic
A lot of stuff to do, one might say some are making a flap about it, but it will be worth it

Fabulous February at Lost Hills - Isaacson Winter Classic

I can hear Ike saying, "Are You Crazy?"
At the first Winter Classic, we had a campfire Sat. night and we fed everyone with a couple paks of wieners and buns. This included a shepherd that wandered had in from who knows where(who was that guy?). The whole point of the WC was to have a friendly warm-up contest for the MM. Then a few years ago, the Ike became an America's Cup (thanks Old Al, great idea!) entries jumped up to right around 200! This year, we're hosting the Anselmo Zeri Memorial, Dutch World Cup contest along with the usual Ike events. This should be one heck of a week!

Please have your current AMA and Lost Hills membership card!

See you in February! The Isaacson Winter Classic flyer is attached.

Norm and Roger

So here's the link

and here is the words...

This year, we are hosting the Anselmo Zeri Memorial Dutch World Cup F1A, B, C, E, P & Q. See: Zeri an-nouncement. All FAI classes are America's Cup. All AMA and NFFS classes, except Gollywock are National Cup. This is a Cat. II contest.

FAI Events: 7 one hour rounds, 8am
F1B, C,& P (Zeri World Cup, Am Cup)
F1H (Ike, Am Cup) 5 one hour rounds, 8am
AMA/NFFS Events (Ike, Nat Cup)
NEW! Stan’s Nostalgia Tip Launch Scramble
GOLLYWOCKS! One Design, 5 flts + all Mass Launch
NEW! E-36, provisional NFFS Rules


FAI Events:
F1A & Q (Zeri World Cup, Am Cup)
F1G, J & Vintage FAI Power (Ike, Am Cup)
AMA/NFFS Events (Ike, Nat Cup)
NEW! SAM Compressed Air- (mass launch 7:30am)
FAI Style Catapult Glider! No BOM, no rubber restriction,
7 rounds!
Leeper’s Foot Longs, BTV West (12”CLG, see Lee)


Nostalgia Gas 1/2A, Early 1/2A & 1/4A (sep. Nat Cup pts)
Nostalgia Gas ABC (sep. Nat Cup pts)
P-30 AMA rules
Nostalgia Wake
Hand Launch Glider
Catapult Launch Glider (no BOM)
Classic Glider
F1E – On the hill! (Zeri W Cup, Am Cup)
Reserve day for F1X events

F1A, B, C, P & Q – Pim Ruyter and Allard van Wallene
F1E – Peter Brocks
Vintage FAI Gas – Dave Parsons
All CLG and TLG events – Stan Buddenbohm and Ralph Ray
E-36 – Bernie Crowe
Compressed Air – Ron Boots
All other events – Norm and Roger


Norm Furutani
15423 Haas Ave.
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 323-1943
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell
1916 B Gates Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 374-2136
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$15.00 - includes one event. Additional events $5.00 each. Juniors: $5 unlimited events.
Sign-up on the field.
Please have proof of current membership in AMA(
or MAAC, AMA Affiliate and Lost Hills Associa-tion (

Fees and registration for the Anselmo Zeri Memorial Dutch World Cup are separate from the Isaacson Winter Classic, see Zeri flier below

JSO Combined, First through third. Nos Wake and Gollywock Award courtesy of Bob White
Awards Ceremony RAFFLE!
Buddenbohm Glider kits and more!
Winners MUST be present!


In memory of our dear friends,
Bob and LaVera Isaacson

Anselmo Zeri Memorial Dutch World Cup Contest

The full flyer can be accessed on line, complete with pictures if the t and polo shirts. at


Here are the words in simple form

Anselmo Zeri Memorial Dutch World Cup Contest

This contest will be hosted by Isaacson Winter Classic*

February 12-14, 2011 at Lost Hills, California, USA

The 1st. Dutch World Cup in the USA

Type of contest: Open Free Flight World Cup Contest in the classes F1A,B,C,E, P en Q Senior and Junior (except F1C and Q). For North American flyers this event qualifies as an America’s Cup Event.

Event Directors: Pim Ruyter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Allard van Wallene This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FAI Jury will be announced at the field.

Entry Fee: $30,00 for F1A,B,C Senior. $15,00 F1A,B junior, E,P and additional F1A,B,C entries.

All competitors must have a valid FAI license, AMA affiliate membership and Lost Hills contribution paid. Foreign competitors can obtain an AMA membership for insurance ($28,00) and pay Lost Hills contribution ($10,00) at registration.

Deviations from the guide for FAI outdoor Free Flight contests:

- Flying from a Flight Line without pole positions, no position switch between rounds.

- Competitors will time each other. There will be random check for correct time keeping.

- No ‘moto flapping/lofting’ allowed!

Time schedule: Saturday February 12, F1B,C and P.

Sunday February 13, F1A and Q

Monday February 14, F1E (Event director Peter Brocks)

Monday February 14 Reserve day for 12 and 13 Feb.

Round schedule: For both days:

Round 1 8:00am - 9:00am

2 9:00am - 10:00am

3 10:00am - 11:00am

4 11:00am - 12:00am

5 12:00am - 1:00pm

6 1:00pm - 2:00pm

7 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Fly-Off rounds to be announced after round 7

Round One Max. 210 sec. for F1A,

240 sec. for F1B,C.P

180 sec. for F1Q motor run 15 sec.

Registration: All competitors must register by regular mail or e-mail before February 6, 2011.

For registration use the registration form below. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment at the field

We like to have as little admin. at the field as possible

Registration at the field will cost you $45,00

*This event will replace the F1A,B,C,P,Q and E events that were part of the Isaacson Winter Classic. The FAI Mini Events and other AMA events will continue as part of the Winter Classic. Refer to the Isaacson Winter Class flyer for details and a complete schedule of the weekend’s activities.

Entry form: Dutch World Cup 2011

Name :____________________________

Number and street :____________________________

Zip code and Town :____________________________

Country :____________________________

I will fly : F1A Sen.____ Jun.____

F1B Sen.____ Jun.____

F1C Sen.____ Jun.____

F1P Sen.____ Jun.____

F1Q Sen.____ Jun.____

F1E Sen.____ Jun.____

Valid FAI License Yes/No Number:___________

AMA Membership Yes/No Number:___________

Lost Hills Membership Yes/No

Souvenir Contest shirt(s): Yes/No Type shirt, T-shirt, Size:______

Polo, Size:______

Please send this registration form, before Feb.6, by regular mail or e-mail to:

Pim Ruyter

Kantemarsweg 36

3871AP Hoevelaken


Tel: +31 33 2581459

Special Attention

To be eligible for World Cup points you must have an FAI licence. For AMA members these can be obtained through the AMA competition department.  Because 2 other countries, Holland and Denmark have decided to run a World Cup in the USA this year so there will be a total of 6 World Cup Contests in North America. Contrary to  the America's Cup the World Cup scoring goes down to 20th or more place. Your best 3 contests count, plus the one in Argentina when you go there either on the team or to support the team. The bigger the contest the more bonus points. So this is the chance for North Americans to see how they rank in the World and show them your stuff. So get that FAI ticket now.

Notice that while for the non-World Cup events, including the FAI/America's Cup Mini events you do not have to pre-enter, for the World Cup you do. So get that e-mail off to Pim right away.  You can pay him at the contest.



A World Cup and America’s Cup Event


DATE: Feb. 15, 18-21, 2011


PLACE: Bissonette Mirage Field, Lost Hills, Ca. USA




- F1E Tuesday, Feb. 15th (organized & run by SCAT)

- F1A Friday, Feb. 18th (7 rounds + flyoffs)


- F1B, C and P Sat., Feb 19th (7 rounds + flyoffs)


7 rds each day, starting at 8 am, 1 hour rds for A,B,C

1st. round extended max per rules for A,B,C

- F1G, H, J and Q Sunday, Feb. 20th


5 rds., 1 hour each starting at 9 am.

- Reserve day, Feb. 21th


SPECIAL NOTES: - FAI Sporting License is mandatory for all competitors flying F1A, B, C

- US competitors can mail entry form, with fees, to CD (email entries from US flyers will not be accepted)

- Non US competitors may email entry and pay upon arrival

- All non-AMA competitors must pay $28 AMA Affiliation fee

- Entries are considered late if not received by Feb. 13, 2011

- Fees are double for late entries

- Circling under models on a motorcycle for the purpose of creating lift is prohibited

- RDT will be permitted in all classes. In those classes where it is not specified, the rules shall be the same as the corresponding bigger classes.

COST: F1G, H, J, P and Q $10 / event
F1A, B and C $25 / event
CONTACT: George Batiuk

2221 King St. #2, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401 USA

Ph, 805-305-0340 Fax 805-546-0700

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOCAL MOTELS: Lost Hills Motel 6 661-797-2346

Lost Hills Days Inn 661-797-2371


DATE: Feb. 19, 2010

PLACE: Wasco Elks

PROGRAM: Dinner and America’s Cup Awards presentation

COST: $23.00 for adults, $13.00 for Juniors



CITY, STATE, ZIP_______________________________________________________________

FAI LICENSE NUMBER_________________________________________________________


F1A ($25) ______________________________

F1B ($25) ______________________________

F1C ($25) ______________________________

F1P ($10) ______________________________

F1Q ($10) ______________________________

F1G ($10) ______________________________

F1H ($10) ______________________________

F1J ($10) ______________________________

BANQUET ($23) ______________________________

BANQUET under 17 ($13) _______________________________




2221 KING ST. #2,


Lost Hills Membership Reminder


Walt Ghio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a reminder for all flyers who attend contest at the Lost Hills flying site that you can save some dollars by signing up for membership by January 15th, 2011. If you cannot remember what year you have paid for visit the Lost Hills web site and check on your status. Sign up before January 15th and the cost is $20 or two years for $35. After January 15th the cost is $25 or two years for $40.

With the Isaacson/Zeri, Pan American Open and Max Men in February we would like to have the USA and Canadian flyers that plan on attending sign up by mail before the three contest. With all the foreign flyers attending it is quite a job to sign everybody up at the entry table and we would like to cut down on this work if possible. Thank you for your help.

Foreign flyers that plan on attending the February contest’s a Lost Hills membership for $10 will cover the three contests. All Foreign flyers must pay a $28 AMA Affiliate membership. You do not need to pay these fees before your arrival at the contest.

Sign up for Lost Hills membership will start on the field at 1 pm on Friday, February 11th for the Issacson/Zeri contest.

Send your membership fees to:

George Walter

LHFFMAA Sec/Treasurer

2412 Deerpark Drive

Fullerton, CA 92835

Make checks payable to LHFFMAA

Lost Hills web site:

Lost Hills Alternative Accomodation

I was looking for another place to store my Travel Trailer during the flying season close to Lost Hills. When I tow the trailer my SUV uses twice as much gas and takes almost an hour longer to get to Lost Hills from LAX.  So I stumbled upon A&B RV Rentals at Bakersfield. A&B have a storage yard where I keep my Weekend Warrior. However that is not A&B's main business, renting out trailers is. That have a selection of travel trailers - their Web site says they have:
  • 24’ Travel Trailers 
  • 28’ Travel Trailers 
  • 33' Travel Trailers
  • 35' Travel Trailers
  • 30-34' 5th wheel Trailers
  • all of our trailers sleep between 4 - 8 persons
What they do most times is take the trailers to Lake Buena Vista and set then up for people who want to bring the boat or jet ski out for water fun.  They set it up, the people play the weekend and then A&B take it back . You do not need a tow vehicle as Peter at A&B does that. I discussed with him setting up at Lost Hills. Peter can do this, so if you are interested check out the web site at and contact Peter. Tell him you spoke with me.

Roger Morrell