SEN 1542

Table of Contents - SEN 1542

  1. World Cup Musings
  2. Editor's field observations
  3. World Cup Criteria
  4. F1Bs for sale

World Cup musings


With the arrival of a third World Cup the U.S. Free Flight Community has a great opportunity to band together and showcase its “other” best flying sites to the rest of the planet. To that end, I’d ask that discussions on this subject begin with the end in mind. To put it more bluntly: there are at least two sites in the U.S. that are true three-minute and unlimited flyoff-capabale sites. Then there are perhaps a dozen others that may be marginal three-minute sites in good weather, but are incapable of containing flyoffs in anything but excellent to perfect weather.


I believe holding this third World Cup at an unsuitable venue would do more harm than good. So, isn’t it logical to begin the discussion by ruling out unsuitable venues?


Don DeLoach

Editor,NFFS Free Flight Digest

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Editor's Field Observation

My observation on the sites is that - El Dorado Dry Lake , Eloy, Denver and Lost Hills are all capable of hosting long flyoffs, where time keeper eyesight rather geography would be a limiting factor.  I have not flown at Wayawanda or the Texas sites so cannot comment on those.

Not suitable would be Palm Bay, Tangent, Wagell Field, Taft, Muncie, Pensacola, Higgs Farm MD, Otay Mesa, Genesco ?

World Cup Criteria

If we add to Don's list of the sites,  other criteria are:

Organization capable of running it and wants to

If I understand correctlty there are currently 3 organizations who have expressed an interest

Juan Livotto California FAI Invitational at Lost Hills

Skyscrapers International at Wayawanda

MMM at Denver

all 3 have a long history of running contests.

What time of year do we want to do it ? for example if if are serious about encouraging younger people , should it be in the summer when schools and universities are on holiday? or a Holiday weekend?

There will always be a conflict with contests in other places but we should probably avoid a date conflict with a major event like US Nationals, Poitou, Zulpich or the Euro or World Champs. If you look at the FAI Calendar you will see that just like this up coming weekend we have have 3 FAI contests in the USA the same happens in Europe too for popular weekends.

Would it get local, US or foreign participation?

Accomodation and ease of access

Are there other things attractive in the area for visitors ? is that important?

Probably should not be combined with an event like the US Nationals where that are many other activites and distractions.

Reasonable costs

Is the contest part of a Free Flight Festival, i.e. close to another World Cup or Major Free Flight event so that people can optomize their travel costs by attending more than one event?

Would it get FAI/CIAM approval?



F1Bs for Sale


I have 3 used F1B models for sale all are in good flyable condition

Recent full house Vivchar mechanical model - Mike Mulligan's #34 - $775

Recent Vivchar model with instant start and fixed pitch prop. very robust model - Mike Mulligan's #341 - suitable for a person getting started - $500

Older Mechanical Stefanchuck model. Fixed pitch prop - $350

I will have them at Lost Hills this weekend. or contact me by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roger Morrell