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  1. Swedish and Nordic Cup
  2. Ilbeshim Results and Info
  3. Biggles thinks back
  4. I got my Sympo

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Swedish and Nordic Cup

The Ilbesheim results are now on line at

Some more infos about the EUROPE COUPE Revival 
                   Ilbesheim shows the way to develope Freeflight in the future

Dear participants of Ilbesheim contests,
 Ansgar Nüttgens Frankfurt, September 4th 2011

the time of waiting for you has gone - since Saturday night all 6 lists of results of Ilbesheim contestsand some more infos on the news site like

  • Thanks to all!

  • your Feedback!

  • Summary/ Pictures!

  • DVD Movie Order!

are finally available on our website.

The unofficial ranking of World cup list  

shows, that Ilbesheim contests in all 3 categories F1A, B and Q results to new sportsman leading the actual World CUP ranking by winning IKARUS CUP.  Also F1Q contest shows with 9 flying (and each contest 1 non flying competitor on site) the greatest participation in F1Q in a Worldcup contest since this class was born - this is the right development of nature adequate class - go on FAI.

  • That was phantastic and brought a great honour to Ilbesheim.

But Ilbesheim brought not only happy, new World-Cup - leaders, but also we can see a lot of young and old “faces” with simple models, not having so many technique on board, but flying well in the thermal.
It was a great pleasure to see the 6 years old french girl Louane Comtet flying with 596 sec a great contest and  winning over the European Champs Andrej Stefanchouk (UKR)  and winning 3rd place in the  strong senior field.  It seems, that a new star is born – Vive la france la grande nation, perhaps flying 2013 in Moncontour World Championships in the French National Team.  

The Youth is the future of our sports - so please let us work together in this.  Bring “fresh blood” to the flying fields and don’t take only your own advantage in flying – it make the same enjoyment to see happy children flying models and sometimes more to see the laughing children eyes, than the own satisfaction on a bad lift flight, due to own, physical restrictions.

If everybody from the long life flying people around the globe will develop 1 young sportsman as Freeflight contestant, there will be no doubt in the future of FF.  
If the FAI will make right future determined decisions and not only look after something happened and make small steps forward or  backward, I forecast, that there will be enough enthusiasm around the globe to continue the traditional spirit of Freeflight of the last century, what we all loved and enjoyed.
  It is our choice, if we do this or if we continue to sing the melancholy song “The story about the last generation“ in Moll  tone, but this doesn’t help anyone, only the gravedigger will make money and survive.

The slogan of our Ilbesheim festival was:

 It is not important to win but to gain from participating “   

new friends, new experiences ...

  •  “Not only winning is the goal of our sport” to take part, having fun and develop the future of our sport is also our task.
    But some sportsman don’t respect this, trampled this under food and see only own advantages. For our luck these are only some few strayed sportsman, who can’t influence the whole majority.

The news of the year 2011:  (in 50 years you read this in historical books)
Before 2011 Ilbesheim was a small vinary village between Kirchheimbolanden and Alzey. Now you receive the explanation, that Kirchheimbolanden and Alzey is situated near the famous Freeflight village Ilbesheim. That is the news of 2011 in Donnersbergkreis!

Low Tec is history and future

So the idea of developing a “no Formel 1” class as Standard or Low Tec- like I called it - is perhaps the additional way to go. In Ilbesheim were models in the air, which had their great time 40-20 years before. Don’t understand me wrong: I’m not against technical development, I’m not against “Formel 1”, but there should be also a terrain for sportsmen, who like to fly with lowest input, costs, energy a freeflight contest. So having EUROPEAN Champs in non WC/ EC classes could be a motor, motivator on that! Think about and come back with your feedback!We would be happy to receive some more feedback of you about the Ilbesheim contests.

And last but not least  ...   our webmaster takes a lot of nice moments in Ilbesheim on film and will produce in next month a nice moovie of Ilbesheim festival.   On Sunday midday a DVD order list, which we put to the internet under “News/ DVD”, so that everybody can see and send me a mail for order in case of wanted and not having ordered yet. The price will be 7 EUR and you can get it in Switzerland in end of October without extra charges for postage. I case of postage (postage fee +1,7€ for Germany +3,7€ for Europe/  ? € for the rest of the world). Blue Ray quality can also be made, please ask.

Thanks a lot


Reply to Mike Keville / Thinking Back:

You might like to know that A/1 Gliders made of old-fashioned balsa wood are alive and well.  I know of 3 Li’l Dips newly built this year, together with a new Jet Stream and Jesse James, and other Aiglets and Topkicks also being flown, just at Lost Hills.  Only trouble is there are virtually no contests held for such models !  Does the AMA even list a F/F glider class (except FAI) ?  I think not.  So you can’t blame the FAI community for that.  The San Valleers does hold an A/1 event (old rules) at their Annual, and you could fly an A/1 in the NFFS Classic Glider (and be out-classed), which is also held on rare occasions.  But how many will build an A/1, for the chance of flying it once a year in a contest, even for fun ?  Is that lack of interest, or lack of contests ?  Is Taft still flyable.  It's an hour closer to LA and ideal for such events, but there are no contests held there and plenty of empty dates in the Spring.


When John Pond and others conceived SAM, and came up with the concept of flying Old Time models (visionary thinking and a great idea) back in the 1960’s, they were thinking back to models of the mid-1930’s (which were then only 25 years old).  Looking back now at Warren Kurth’s Jet Stream, A/1 NATS winner in ’59, ’60 and ‘61, and the like, — that’s already 55 years ago !  It therefore seems overdue that we bring the idea of SAM / NFFS Nostalgia up to date, by adding events for Classic / Nostalgia Modern Era, perhaps with a cut-off date for models 50, 55 or 60 years old, thereby promoting the models of the “Boomer Era” which present modelers remember so well from their youth.


The introduction of Vintage FAI Power, combining various rule models from 1951 to 1979 continues to prove very popular here in the States, and likewise in UK with the 1960 Cranfield Classic, and similarly Vintage (modern) FAI Wakefield also attracts a keen entry.  Such a movement could promote the flying of these “newer old models” — but perhaps with a twist: have a rolling cut-off date !  In this way, each year, new designs would become eligible (ie, this year include models from say up to 1956, next year would add more models designs from 1957, and so on).  Much in the way of Bill Vanderbeek’s 1/2A Gas One-Design event, which has a new model nominated each year to keep interest alive.  That should keep us busy building for the next 20 years, if there’s anyone left flying F/F by then ?  Such a concept would add renewed interest to the non-OTT-FAI crowd, who still enjoy flying simple models, as in days of yore ?  Any takers ?


—  Biggles 


Got my Sympo

My copy of the 2011 NFFS Sympo was just delivered.  Great picture of SCAT worthy, the late Bill Bogart in the front.  Bill was being honored for his work on the various Symposia over the years.  Bill had been the editor multiple times.   Bill was a serious aerodynamasist, his last work project being on the B2.  As editor Bill used to check everything completely, including working through all the formulae.  Great tribute photo

In the issue there is an article on the subject we have just been discussing around increasing particpation and adapting Free Flight to days world.  Recently on the various online message boards there have been questions from beginners on such items as trimming power models, covering materials, how many turns on my rubber model.  All of this is covered in this book  by both new material and some anthologies of classic info from the past.

In the innovation front there this LDA for F1A and much on the DLG space whicg seems to be the hottest non-FAI innovation at the moment. Plus much more.

Seems like it is thicker than normal. This year's editor Dave Lacey had pulled together really a lot of good stuff.

Great issue , if you didn't buy one you need to now.  I've ordered a couple of extra as gifts.  Go th the NFFS web site -

Roger Morrell