SEN 1577

Table of Contents - SEN 1577

  1. USFFC FAI Events
  2. Flapping, folding low dragging survey
  3. SWR 2012
  4. USA Junior Team Selection Clarification
  5. Genesco results


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For those of you heading to Lost Hills this weekend, here are a couple last minute clarifications & reminders.

The FAI line and official table will be separate, out and away from the AMA/OT/NOS as usual.  Wind direction and velocity will determine exactly where we set up, but it will be in one of the normal locations.   Look for my truck, the dark gray Suburban.  I'll try to pick a spot no later than 7:15 each day.  If we have to move during the day, there will of course be a break in the round times.

All entries will need to be made at the main contest registration table.  They will check your credentials, take your money and give you flight cards.  Every competitor should double check with the main table to see if there are any off-limits areas, such as carrot fields, etc.

F1Q will be flown on Sunday in conjunction with the "mini" events.  The contest announcement shows F1Q as a Sunday event AND it is listed on all three days in conjunction with E-36.  This is an error.  F1Q will be flown on Sunday only, in rounds.

Round 1 begins at 8:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday rounds will be 1 hour, Sunday rounds will be 45 minutes.

We have extended rounds scheduled for Round 1 on Saturday.  F1A 210 Seconds.  F1B, F1C & F1P (yes, F1P) will be 240 Seconds, weather permitting


Bill Booth Jr, FAI CD

Flapping, folding low dragging survey

This year there has been much interest, progress, noise etc about Flapper and LDA airfloided airplanes for both F1A and F1B plus some revisiting of the wing technology in F1C..  So how much of this is for real and how much is smoke , after all what's important is what delivers.  We do understand that many factors go into winning and this is only one contributing parts. We would like to conduct a survey where we need help from you, our readers. So we want to know what the winner of every World Cup, World or continental champs or Americas cup event was flying - For example we want one liners  like

Zeri F1C - Artem Babenko - Fold
Maxmen F1A - Roland Kogot - LDA
MaxMen F1B - Anatoli Ribchenkov - Trad
World Champs F1A Yuri Titov LDA

Use abbreviation -
Trad - for traditional
Flap LDA
Fold LDA
Flap Fold LDA  [for Gil Morris :-)]

Results will be published in SEN

SWR Contest Link

pass it on, please.  Ciao, Leeper 

USA Junior Team 60 minute qualification Clarification

 The Jr Team Selection Committee has been asked if AMA sanctioned record trials are deemed as an "AMA contest sanctioned for the Jr’s event(s)."  for the required 60 minute total qualification time?  Answer: Record trials are allowed  to accumulate qualification times but  180 sec is the max time  for all flights, ie  no prorating of scores, maximum total time per record trial is 21 minutes.
This  brings up another item to clarify, At AMA sanctioned contests, are max times less than 180 seconds  prorated to 180 seconds?  Answer:  Yes, if the CD reduces the max  time, the flight times are prorated.  The standard  180 second max time and 7 rounds will count with the added time for standard FAI extended first round time of 210 seconds for F1A and 240 seconds for F1B will be counted. F1P does not have an FAI standard first round time.  In the case of record trials as stated above, there is no prorating of flight times. The Jr Score keeper may not have the full score results and so if a Jr  has prorated scores that are needed to achieve the 60 minutes qualification time, they should send the full score results to Jim Parker. We will make these changes in the next Jr Program.
For reference, here is the  qualification section from the current Jr Program:
2012 Jr Program
3.1 Qualification
To qualify for the 2012 Jr team, the flyer must score a minimum of 75% (flyoff time not counted) of the winning Jr Finals time for his/her event. A flyer with less than 75% of the winning time may apply for uncontested team spots per Section 5.
In addition, the Jr must accumulate 60 minutes flight time in their respective event at any AMA contest sanctioned for the Jr’s event(s). The Jr shall maintain a written record with the Contest Director’s signature validating the time flown. The Jr TSP Scorekeeper will keep a record from published contest results, but it is the responsibility of the Jr flyer to provide the Contest Director’s validated times to the Jr TSP Scorekeeper, if requested to resolve any discrepancies (see Form B).
The 60 minute qualification will be retroactively scored after program entry. The Jr may accumulate this qualifying time any time in 2011, either before or after the Jr. Finals.
Jr Team Score Keeper
Jim Parker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


The weather was very nice with Sunday as close to a “fly and catch” as one can get.

We had a nice turnout of 17 registered fliers : five fliers from Canada, four from Florida, three from Connecticut,

two from NY, one from PA, one from VA, and one from MA . Only one fly-away (mechanical).

Saturday’s events:
Andrew Barron 180, 158, 180, 180, 83, 120, 180 = 1141
Michelle Barron 180, 180, 68, 180, 180, 44, 180 = 1012 jr.
Gina Barron 136, 10, 90, 180, 180, 69, 100 = 765 jr ( youngest flier)

Tony Mathews 180, 180, 171, 180, 180, 180, 180 = 1251
Ladi Horak 180, 180, 180, 180, 180, 165, 180 = 1245
Aram Schlosberg 180, 180, 180, 180, 129, 180, 180 = 1209
Fritz Gnass 180, 180, 180, 111, 180, 180, 180 = 1191
John Clapp 180, 180, 180, 104, 180, 180, 178 = 1182
Jerry McGlashan 180, 180, 110, = 470
F1C: no contestants

F1Q :

Dick Ivers 180, 120, 120, 36, 120, 82 = 658 ( all flew 6 rounds)

Jim Mays 180, 70, 120, 59, 60, 38 = 527

Aram Schlosberg 180, 68, 120, 0 , 66, 120 = 447

Sunday events:


John Clapp 120, 120, 120, 120, 139* = 619 * 120 DT and timed to the ground.

Tony Mathews 120, 120, 120, 120, 130* = 610 * 120 DT and timed to the ground.

Jack Merrifeld 120, 120, 120, 85, 120 = 585
Dave Lacey 120, 8, 120, 120, 60 = 428
Fritz Gnass 82, 120, 87, 120, = 409
Don Rousseau 63, 120, 23, 120, 51 = 377
Ladi Horak 120, 120, 28, = 268
F1H: No contestants
F1J: Jean Pailet 120, 79, 120, 120, 111 = 450

John Clapp CD Jerry McGlashan Assistant CD


Roger Morrell