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  1. Rules on Timekeeping
  2. Zeri remembered
  3. F1E USA

Rules on timekeeping

Some World Cup competitions divert from the Sporting Code timekeeping rules by not using fixed official timekeepers but allow flyers to choose their own. In a perfect world this would all be fine, however it would be rather naive to believe such a world exists. Also among aero modelers there are individuals who put winning before anything else, even if that means not following the rules. During the Nordic and Swedish cup there were some rumors that some flyer or flyers were 'bending' the time keeping rules to their advantage. Having heard this I did some spot checking and at my second 'check' I and another flyer caught one flyer-timekeeper red handed putting a max on the score card while only less than 2 minutes were flown. Needless to say the timekeeper and flyer were somehow related. It is even more shocking to note that it was an experienced adult flyer 'teaching' a junior protege how 'the game' is played. Of course I pointed out immediately this behaviour to this timekeeper and contest director and the flight time was quickly changed back to the sub-max without any protest whatsoever.

I'm afraid this was not an incident. We also witnessed an early DT where a model landed at around 40 seconds, yet at the end of the day a max could be seen for that round on the score board.
Now we can of course continue spreading rumors and complaining, but I'd rather prefer some simple rule changes are put in place to make the game more 'sportsmanlike'. After all, that is what rules are for in the first place.
Le me kick off by proposing the following for competitions without fixed official timekeepers, as a start for an open discussion:

-If fly off participants have to bring their own timekeepers, these should be put in a group and rotated such that a participant is not timed by the timekeeper which he (or she) brought along
-during the regular rounds, jury members or yet even better, a specially (or better two) assigned timekeeping supervisor(s) do spot checks with the power to overrule recorded flight times or even disqualify a timekeeper or flyer (or both) in case rules are blatantly abused.



Anselmo Zer

Richard Blackam and Kim Jacobson  Sad news to hear of his passing, even though we knew it was coming. He was always friendly and willing to share. We will certainly miss him.

Philipp Seifert to all free flight pilots on my friends list: Anselmo Zeri passed away yesterday, he was one of the best in his time, winning the world cup at his peak. RIP

Peter Brocks
I will miss Anselmo. One of the nicest, most inventive freeflighters.
Andy Cordes
A very nice guy, and builder of fantastic models - respect - RIP.
Ivo KreetzWe've lost one of the most gracious, talented flyers that ever walked our little FF-earth. He inspired me, both as a person and an aeromodeller. I will miss him dearly and I will dedicate my victory in Sweden last weekend to him.
Cenny Breeman
We will remember Anselmo as a great sportsman and friend

Rene Limberger RIP Anselmo Zeri - you will forever be remembered as the funniest italian the freeflight community has ever had. we will miss you dearly!


Since we started this Rene Liberger started a Facebook group where people are posting memories and photos of Anselmo - look it out  to particpate
F1E Team selection and Updates
On Aug. 27 we will have the Arizona F1E Championship for slope soaring gliders near Flagstaff, AZ. The cinder cones or long extinguished volcanoes there are the beautiful site for flying F1E. This contest counts for America's Cup points. The flier with map and pictures can be downloaded from the NFFS Master Calendar at , click on the blue "Arizona F1E Championship".
Right after the AZ F1E Champs we will have the 2011 F1E Team Selection Contest at the same site on Aug. 28-30. The first 3 Juniors and the first 3 Seniors will qualify to represent the U.S. at the next F1E World Championships in Zlatibor, Serbia on June 5-11, 2011. Please note that to participate in the F1E Finals an entry into the F1E Team Selection Program is required with a payment of $20 and $50 due at AMA no later than July 29
Peter Brocks, CD both events

Roger Morrell